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AAR Insurance Kenya

Get under 5 minutes quick briefing about AAR Insurance Kenya. A summary of essential knowledge you need to know about AAR Insurance products is here.

Knowlegde is power and we avail it in the simplest terms you can understand. AAR Insurance is one of the best insurance companies in Kenya,

The insurer provides their services to registered members through 4 main products categories, including;

  1. Individual and family
  2. Business Medical Cover
  3. Personal Accident
  4. Travel Cover

1. Individual And Family Medical Plan

AAR Insurance under individual and family medical plan caters for medical needs of members and their dependents. The policy provides for inpatient and outpatient services.

Outpatient Services Include;

  • Radiology
  • Pre-natal and Post Natal Care
  • Access to personal consultant for platinum cover
  • Pathology
  • Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
  • Diagnostic tests and procedures
  • Cancer tests and consultation
  • Access to personal consultant for platinum cover
  • Dental
  • Optical

Inpatient Offered Services Include;

  1. Re-constructive surgery
  2. Dental therapy due to accident
  3. Accommodation for those accompanying children under 8 years old
  4. Optical therapy due to accident
  5. Maternity services
  6. Organ Transplant
  7. Ectopic pregnancy.
  8. Post hospitalization discharge medication of up-to 14 days.

Benefits Of Individual And Family Medical Plan

  • Nutritional Advice
  • Health camps and health alerts
  • 24-hour call center
  • Local & International rescue & evacuation services
  • Cover for medical injuries resulting from political violence

Requirement For Membership

  • Must be a Kenyan citizen
  • Must have KRA Pin
  • Age must be 0-64 years.

2. Personal Accident Cover

The cover provides with monitory compensation if the member sustains body injuries resulting from accidents. The policy cover members ranging from 18 years- 64 years. Children of 17 years and bellow can be covered under their parents and those bellow 5 years are covered from road risks only.

AAR Insurance Provides a special cover called Student Personal Accident Cover to cater for accidental injuries on students. The accident must be from a violent visible object and the injuries must be external.

Benefits Of Personal Accident Cover;

  • Dental/Optical injury treatment
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Permanent/ Total disability
  • Tuition expenses following an accident
  • Emergency accidental medical expenses Artificial Appliances

3. Business Enterprise Medical Plan

AAR Insurance provides members with medical services access through Business Enterprise Medical Plan.

Inpatient Services Under Business Medical Plan

  1. Maternity services
  2. Dental services due to accident
  3. Optical services due to accident
  4. Rehabilitation
  5. Emergency Rescue & Evacuation (local &International)
  6. Ectopic pregnancy.
  7. Organ Transplant
  8. Post hospitalization discharge medication of up-to 14 days.
  9. Chronic & Preexisting Condition
  10. Re-constructive surgery
  11. Accommodation for those accompanying children under 12 years

Outpatient Services Under Business Plan

  • Pre-natal and Post Natal Care
  • Nutritional services & Advise
  • Access to personal consultant for platinum cover
  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Cancer tests and consultation
  • Cancer tests and consultation
  • Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
  • Diagnostic tests and procedures
  • Child vaccination as per KEPI Guidelines
  • Pathology

Benefits Of Business Enterprise Medical Plan

  1. Nutritional Advice
  2. Health camps and health alerts
  3. 24-hour call center
  4. Local & International rescue & evacuation services
  5. Cover for medical injuries resulting from political violence

4. Home Owners Insurance

AAR Insurance make their services available and affordable to home owners through Home Owners Insurance Solution. The cover caters for losses resulting from the perils in buildings including; furniture cutlery, electronics and other households. The policy guarantees cover for domestic employees and third-party liability.

Personal Items Covered Include;

  • Laptops
  • L.E.D and Plasma TVs
  • Alarm systems
  • Mobile phones
  • Jewelry
  • Camera
  • iPads
  • Electrical installations like DSTV and others

Benefits Of Home Owners Insurance

  1. Fire brigade with a limit of Ksh 200,000.
  2. Cost of debris removal following a fire with a limit of Ksh.200,000.
  3. Loss of personal money with a limit of Ksh.5000 following fire or burglary.
  4. Cost of replacing damaged grilles following a burglary limited to Ksh.5,000.
  5. Damage to guest effects with a limit of Ksh. 20,000 for any one event.
  6. Emergency medical expenses resulting from assault during burglary with a limit of Ksh.20,000
  7. Cost of accessing alternative accommodation following an insured event not exceeding 10% of the sum insured.
  8. 10% cash back for paid premiums after 3 years if the first three years are without a claim.
  9. Mobilization (initial payment) at 10% of value of contents / building to the affected insured in the event of fire or theft

5. Work Insurance Benefit Cover

AAR Insurance delivers affordable services to their members effectively through Work Injury Benefit ACT (WIBA). The policy covers members employee(s) against accidental body injuries illness arising from work place. According to the WIBA Act 2007 is at 96 months’ salary.

Benefits Of Work Insurance Cover

  • Death Paid as 8 earnings.
  • Repatriation Ksh.100,000
  • Artificial Appliances Ksh.25,000
  • WIBA caters accidental medical expenses on an indemnity basis with a limit of Ksh. 100,000.
  • WIBA provides Accidental Temporary Total Disablement Note that compensates a member under medication with a limit of 104 weeks.
  • WIBA compensates persons with Permanent total disability after filling the DOSH Form with a PTD of 8 earnings.

WIBA Provides Limits As Follows:

  • Any one person- Ksh.5,000,000
  • Any one event- Ksh.25,000,000
  • Any one-year- Ksh. 50,000,000

6. Professional Indemnity Cover

AAR Insurance provides with members with businesses that offer professional services to clients through Professional Indemnity Cover which covers in case the client claims of Negligence, Infringement and Error committed. The cover caters for;

  1. Legal costs and expenses incurred during a claim.
  2. Services or produced work that has caused your client to lose money.
  3. The cover can also be essential for companies that handle client data and are responsible for intellectual-property
  4. The cover can also be essential for companies that handle client data and are responsible for intellectual-property.

Professionals Cover Include;

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Land Surveyors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Real Estate agents
  • Doctors – Radiologists, Dentists, Surgeons, ENT Surgeons, dermatologists, Pediatricians, Pathologists and Genera service providers.

Additional Premiums Can Cover:

  1. Dishonesty of employees
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Loss of documents
  4. Incoming and outgoing partners
  5. Loss of documents
  6. Consultants, Sub- Contractors and agents

7. Landlord Insurance Cover

AAR Insurance offers members with Landlord Insurance Cover that protects buildings that are owned solely for rental purposes under terms and conditions. The policy does not cover Student hostels for damages caused by riots and strikes. The building is covered from;

  • Floods
  • Escape of water from storage facilities
  • Falling trees
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Storms
  • Explosions from domestic gas cylinders
  • Earthquakes
  • Bursting / Overflowing of water tanks
  • Impact from aircrafts or other aerial devices
  • Accidental Impact to the building

Other Covers For Landlords Include:

  • Contents for fully furnished rental apartments/ homes
  • Mortgage monthly loan installment
  • Loss of rental income

Benefits Of Landlord Cover

The cover caters for electrical installations including;

  1. Satellite Dishes e.g DSTV
  2. Water Pumps and Electric Fences
  3. CCTV /Alarm systems
  4. 10% discount on premium for the landlord’s personal home insurance
  5. 10% Cash back for paid premiums after three years if the first three years are without claim.
  6. Fire brigade charges with a limit of Ksh200,000.
  7. 10% discount on Contractor All Risk / Construction Insurance for all future developments.
  8. Deposit refunds for tenants in the event of an insured peril rendering the building un-inhabitable.
  9. Care taker is covered agaist body injury and damage op property.

8. Schools Insurance Cover

AAR Insurance provides for clients with learning institutions with affordable covers under Emergency Accidental Medical Expenses to protect learners, staff and property in case of fire, Bagley and other dangers.

Specific School Cover Include;

  • Section 1: Fire and Special Perils
  • Section 2: Burglary (Break In) (This section CANNOT be taken without Section 1)
  • Section 3: All Risk (This section CANNOT be taken without Section 1 & Section 2)
  • Section 4: Public Liability (This section CANNOT be taken without Section 1)
  • We have designed the Public Liability Insurance to cover third party legal liability
  • Section 5: Fidelity Guarantee (This section CANNOT be taken without Section 1, Section 2, Section 3)
  • Section 6: Students’ Personal Accident

Benefits Of School Cover

  1. Artificial Appliances
  2. Tuition Expenses Following an Accident.
  3. Funeral Expenses
  4. Emergency Accidental Medical Expenses

Other Schools Cover Product Include:

  • Group medical Insurance Cover
  • Group personal accident and WIBA for teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Home insurance for teaching and non-teaching staff

9. Marine Insurance

AAR Insurance through Marine Insurance caters for general and average loses, bills issued by banks on report findings etc, against fire, corrosion, weather damage, sinking, non-delivery and other damages except damages incurred due to storage, transit extension, deferred parking and transshipment and war.

10. Travel Insurance Cover

AAR Insurance considers traveler’s needs outside country and covers them under Travel Insurance Cover. The cover caters for accidents loss or damage of their property. Travel insurance covers;

  • Luggage protection
  • Loss of personal property/ money or documents
  • Hijack, detention
  • curtailment/Cancellation
  • Personal liability
  • Emergency medical expenses

Information To Provide During Emergency

  1. The Insured plan of benefits selected
  2. Insured person’s name
  3. Your contact telephone number
  4. Insured person’s location
  5. The Insured person’s Policy number
  6. The nature of the claim and the type of immediate assistance

Benefits Of Travel Insurance

  • Annual Multi Trip max any one trip if exceeding 90 days to seek authorization.
  • Grace period: Minimum 15 days as per visa code
  • Pre-existing conditions not covered.
  • Full Premium reimbursable in the event of visa denial/refusal

Policy Conditions Of Travel Insurance

  1. Ages calculated at commencement of the trip.
  2. Children under 14 years are entitled to 20% discount on all cards subject to travelling with an insured adult.
  3. Age 71-75yrs =80% loading on all cards; Age 76-80yrs =100% loading on silver or bronze rates only and Age 81-85yrs = 120% loading on bronze card only.

For more information visit AAR website.

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