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Aga Khan hospital Nairobi

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Ag Khan Hospital Nairobi is among the best hospitals in Kenya. The facility if well equipped with modern medical equipment and has highly skilled medical practitioners. Several medical services are being offered at the hospital including maternity services.

Aga Khan Hospital Contacts

The Aga Khan hospital Nairobi contacts are as follows:

Phone: +254 (0)20366 2363

Phone: +254 (0)203662369

Phone: +254 (0)733640772

Phone: +254 (0) 20 366 2000

 Phone: 0731338006

Aga Khan Hospital Address

Physical address: 3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya.  

Email address:

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi Maternity

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi is one of the best categorized maternity entity, with team of highly trained and qualified Genealogists and obstetricians working passionately to meeting the needs of expectant women of aal categories. The hospital is equipped with modern technology Machines for the essence of offering improved and accurate services to achieving their goals.

Some of the specific maternity services include;

  • Pain Relief options for Labour
  • Delivery
  • New born and Paediatric Care
  • Visiting the units
  • Pre- conception clinic
  • post-delivery care
  • pediatric care

Aga Khan Hospital Maternity Package

The medical facility maternity package include:

Antenatal care

Proper antenatal care to mothers by monitoring the wellbeing of the mother and the growth of the baby to term through;

Antenatal clinics

Mothers are scheduled for clinic visits between 8-12 weeks to monitor progress of the baby’s and help the mother plan for the baby’s care. The clinics help doctors identify possible potential issues which are pregnancy related for early treatment or early action to avoid further complications

Antenatal Classes

Classes such as Lamaze Child Preparation are set up to equip mothers with knowledge and skills on how to take care of themselves and manage the babies when they arrive.

Medica Antenatal Clinics

The clinic is designed to care for pregnant mothers with preexisting medical conditions, such as HIV, diabetes and for proper care for both the mother and the baby Professional specialists.

Family Planning

The hospital provides a variety of family planning methods and some of them include;

  • Vasectomy
  • Female Sterilization
  • Contraceptives
  • Caesarean Delivery

Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi Maternity Fee

The Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi prices significantly vary depending with the type of service to be delivered as shown in the table below.

Type of Birth Aga Khan Hospital Maternity Charges
NormalApproximately Ksh.120,000  
Caesarian deliveryApproximately Ksh.220,000.  
Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi maternity fee

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Also, the hospital accepts NHIF and a number of private insurance companies. You may be interested to find out how much an insurance company is willing to pay your medical bills. Check the category Insurance Companies In Kenya to select your preferred insurance company. Besides, you can access their contacts in case you have further inquiries.

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Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi Bed Charges

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi offers different bed charges according to class. Clients are advised to confirm class of admission at the admission counter before the patients are admitted to avoid pricing inconvenience. The hospital has two classes;

  • Low class
  • High class

Aga Khan Hospital Private Room Charges

Aga Khan Hospital has well furnished private rooms with everything the mother requires at a subsidized price such as;

  • “A” Twin Sharing: Twin occupancy with an attached bath
  • “A” Deluxe: Single occupancy with;
    • air-conditioned with
    • television
    • refrigerator
    • telephone
    • attached bath
    • couch for attendant
  • “Economy”: Six beds at subsidized rates.

NOTE: Only female relatives are allowed in the labour ward waiting room until delivery.

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi List Doctors

To find the maternity doctors responsible for obstetric and gynecological, use the following contacts;

Phone: +254 20 366 2876

Phone: +254 711 092 876

​​​​​ Phone: +254 20 366 2888


Besides, you can do online Aga Khan hospital appointment booking

Other Services Offered At Aga Khan Hospital


Aga Khan hospital is one of. Nairobi’s few hospitals providing clients with accurate and quality imaging services. The hospital is furnished with modern equipment managed by highly experienced expertise working on a 24hr basis.

Some of the service offered include;

  • Breast imaging,
  • Body cross section imaging,
  • Ultrasound,
  • Musculoskeletal imaging,
  • Intervention radiology,
  • Head and neck imaging, and many more

Laboratory Services

Aga Khan hospital provides laboratory medicine services to clients not just in Kenya, but in east Africa in 24hr system operation. The hospital carries out approximately 5000 tests in a day with the laboratory’s attaining standards of results.

Some of the tests conducted include;

  • Microbiology,
  • Clinical Chemistry,
  • Molecular Biology,
  • Haematology,
  • Histopathology, and many others.

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