Akothee Biography And Online Jobs

Akothee Biography And Online Jobs

The famous Kenyan female celebrity Akothee does online jobs. Get a brief overview of Akothee’s online jobs in Kenya including her net worth that affords the celebrity a highly luxurious lifestyle.

Akothee is a popularly known Kenyan musician who has, through hard work, climbed the ladder of prosperity. She is a successful business lady and a single mother, single mother of six, 3 girls, and two boys. 

Apart from her music career and her Akothee Safaris company, she has shown her followers Make money online in Kenya through her online channels on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels. She has also engaged her daughters on her online platforms, who encourage fellow agemates do online jobs for students and several ways on How to earn money online.

Akothee’s Biography

Akothee was born on 8th April 1980 In Kisumu county to her father, Joshua Owino Kokeyo, and mother, Monica Yunita Kokeyo. She was brought up in Migori county, and she is the firstborn among her siblings.

Akothee attended her high school studies at Nyabisawa Girls secondary school. However, she could not complete her high school studies and dropped in form three to start her family. Later at 21 years, she resumed her studies and sat for her KCSE exams scoring a C+.

Celebrated NameAkothee
Real NameEsther Akoth
Date of Birth8th April 1980
Place of BirthKisumu
Marital StatusSingle-divorced
Spouse NameNone
Children5 children
ParentsMother: Monica Yunita Kokeyo
Father: Joshua Owino Kokeyo
Akothee’s Biography

Akothe’s Online Jobs


Akothe has a live YouTube channel, Akothee Kenya Youtube Channel, that airs her daily life and programs. She also holds talks with her daughters on girl talks, and most of her audience on YouTube includes those from her Facebook following and on Twitter.

She shares a wide variety of content in her videos, including comical, travel, parenting her children, and many more. Besides, the celebrity also includes her children in some of the content creation.

Affiliate Marketing

Akothee’s massive following on her online platform has allowed market several products through advertisement brands of different companies such as Peptang products, Premier Food Industries, and Silverstone airline products, including her daughter being the face of Nivea.

Ebook Writing

She has engaged in article writing to positively change her followers about entrepreneurship, parenting especially to single parents, and articles that help women transits from pains and past hurts to grow into successful independent individuals.

Online Marketing Influencer

The celebrity has influenced many of her followers to like certain products through her adverts which have promoted certain products from different brands. Many companies have increased their capacity through her marketing strategies to her online followers and television adverts.

Blogging/Article Writing

Akothee is a blogger. She is the founder of Akotheesafaris.com, her website, a travel site that allows you to book her travel vehicles and tour places. She also blogs a wide range of content concerning her travel industry.

She does online adverts for a variety of Peptang products for online shopping. As an artist, she also advertises her songs as ringtones for esteemed followers to embrace, for instance, Mwììtuasa (Official Video) SMS SKIZA 8548963 To 811 and many others. Akothee’s daughter Rue baby won 2017, the face of Nivea contest hence was used for the brand advertisement.

Akothee’s Net Worth

Sources reveal that Akothee’ net worth is approximated to be Ksh.6.2 Billion by now. Her net worth can be estimated from her properties, including; Her houses in Mombasa, Nairobi, Rongo, and another in Zurich, Switzerland.

She also owns a modern class apartment in Mombasa on the Northern Coast and a morning star establishment in Diani, Kwale County. She owns a tour travel company, Akothee Safaris that comprises of a fleet of different car models.

As an artist, she has done several single songs and collaborations with other top-ranked artists such as Diamond Platinum’s, Flavour, and many others. She has walked the ladder to award-winning levels. Besides, she is a blogger with thousands of online followers on her Facebook page, Twitter account, and Youtube channel, Akothee Kenya.


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Kenyan celebrities have proven that Legit online jobs in Kenya can earn you a living other than the other provided Jobs in Kenya. Akothee, among other celebrities, embraced her online platforms as a way on how to make money online. 

Being a young and successful business lady, she has challenged her daughters, who are still students, to engage in Online jobs for students to help them make money online in Kenya. Like other successful celebrities, she has been a motivating factor to youth to find the Best online jobs and develop creative ways on How to earn money online.

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