APA Insurance contacts, and Branches in Kenya

APA Insurance contacts and branches in Kenya

Find an easy and simplified guide of APA Insurance contacts, branches in Nairobi CBD and its environs, and branches of APA insurance in Kenya detailing other counties contacts and address.

Following through the history of APA Insurance website, it is depicted that APA Insurance stands for “the merger of the general insurance businesses of Apollo Insurance Company and Pan Africa Insurance.”

Therefore, APA Insurance meaning is a group of companies working together to achieving a common goal.

APA Insurance in full comprises of Apollo Group and the Pan Africa Insurance. 6 Companies that are operated under the Apollo Group include:

  1. Apollo Centre (Gordon Court)
  2. APA Life
  3. Apollo Asset Management
  4. APA Insurance
  5. APA Uganda
  6. Reliance Insurance, Tanzania

Before we get into details of APA insurance branches, perhaps you are new of have limited knowledge about key facts about APA insurance. These two articles can be helpful.

  1. APA Insurance products, policies, and benefits
  2. APA Insurance medical cover, cost, and hospitals.

APA Insurance Contacts

The following are APA contacts for the branches in Nairobi.

APA Insurance BranchesAPA Insurance ContactsAPA Insurance Location
APA Insurance Head OfficeTel: +254 (0) 20 364 1000
Email: info@apainsurance.org
Apollo Centre, Ring Road Parklands, Westlands
APA Insurance City Centre
APA Insurance Barclays Plaza  
Tel: 020 2862000
Email: info@apainsurance.org
3rd Floor, Barclays Plaza (ABSA), Loita Street, Nairobi
APA Insurance Company StareheTel: 020 28620006th Floor, Hughes Building, Left Wing, Muindi Mbingu St, Starehe
APA Insurance Brokers Ltd, DagoretiTel: 020 2720383Kilimani Argwings Kodhek APA Insuarance Arcade Dagoreti North
APA Insurance KiambuTel: 066 20220931st Floor, C.G Plaza, Kiambu Road, Kiambu
APA Insurance Thika BranchTel: +254 (0) 67 222 0196 Email: apa.thika@apainsurance.org5th Floor, Zuri Centre, Kenyatta Highway
APA Insurance Ltd, Eastleigh BranchTel: 020 2626977Eastleigh
APA Insurance Nairobi CBD And Its Environs

APA Insurance Kenya Contacts  

APA Insurance Kenya BranchesAPA Insurance ContactsAPA Insurance Location
APA Insurance Head OfficeTel: +254 (0) 20 364 1000
Email: info@apainsurance.org
Apollo Centre, Ring Road Parklands, Westlands
APA Insurance Embu BranchTel: 068 2230103 Email: apa.embu@apainsurance.org1st Floor, Ganga Building, Kenyatta Highway
APA Insurance Machakos BranchTel: +254 (0)44 21455 Email:apa.machakos@apainsurance.orgABC Imani Plaza, Ngei Road, Machakos
APA Insurance Eldoret BranchTel: 053 203 0937 Tel: 020 286 2334 Email:apa.eldoret@apainsurance.org1st Floor, Zion Mall, Uganda Road
APA Insurance Naivasha BranchTel: 050 202 0086 Tel: 020 086 2353 Email:apa.naivasha@apainsurance.org1st Floor, Eagle Centre, Mbari Kaniu Road
APA Insurance Kisumu BranchTel: +254 (0) 20 216 2908 Email:apa.kisumu@apainsurance.orgTuffFoam Plaza, Milimani, Achieng Oneko Rd
APA Insurance Mombasa BranchTel: 041-2221941 Tel: 041-2227506 Email:apa.mombasa@apainsurance.orgApollo Court, Moi Avenue, Mombasa
APA Insurance Kisii BranchTel: 058 203 1773 Tel: 020 286 2327
Email: apa.kisii@apainsurance.org
Mocha Place, Kisii-Kisumu Highway
APA Insurance Nyeri BranchTel: 061-2030332 Email: apa.nyeri@apainsurance.orgPeak Business Centre, Nyeri
APA Insurance Meru BranchTel: +254 (0) 74 31821 Email: apa.meru@apainsurance.org2nd Floor, Hart Towers, Off Meru Highway
APA Insurance Nakuru BranchTel: 051-2213412 Tel: 051-2213416 Email:apa.nakuru@apainsurance.orgGiddo Plaza, Harvester Road, Nakuru
APA Insurance Kenya contacts and branches

For more information, visit the APA Insurance portal.

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