APA Insurance Medical Cover, Rates/Cost, Hospitals: In Kenya

APA Insurance medical cover, rates-cost, hospitals in Kenya

Quick facts about list of hospitals that accept APA insurance, health insurance, medical cover rates, contacts, address, paybill, products, reviews, and many more.

Apart from health insurance cover, APA Insurance has so many products that it offers. If you are not conversant with other products, fill free to check APA Insurance products, policies and benefits.

APA Insurance medical cover is among the best insurance health covers in Kenya. Below find a detailed overview of APA health insurance products, costs, and APA accredited hospitals among others.

APA Medical Insurance

APA health insurance Kenya covers namely Afya Nafuu and Jamii plus.  APA medical cover benefits individuals that range from 38 weeks old to 80 years old.

  • APA Insurance medical cover caters for your:
  • Medical charges- Dressings and drugs prescribed
  • Diagnosis- MRIs, X-rays, laboratory tests, ultra sounds and CT scans
  • Doctor’s fee- A charges for a specialize doctor including; Surgeons, Physicians, Routine checkups Anesthetists ang others. 
  • Admissions- Consultations, bed charges in any ward including critical conditions.

APA Insurance Maternity Cover

APA Maternity package can include:

  • Normal delivery-Doctor’s charge, admission and ward charges.
  • Cesarean section- Admission fee, Doctors charge and wards.
  • Any other complications arising including; ICUs, Miscarriages, Ectopic pregnancies and others.
  • Cost of delivery, and other related ailments and complications including ectopic pregnancies, miscarriage, etc.
  • Cesarean section delivery including professional fees, labour and recovery wards.                                   
  • Standard pre-natal testing
  • Post-natal consultation
  • Maximum of 2 Obstetric scans
  • All consultation fees before delivery

Maternity cover becomes active after 12 months of application. Mater cover can be taken by either of the spouse.

APA Insurance medical cover rates for maternity can cost Ksh. 50,000, Ksh. 100,000, or Ksh. 150,000 depending with the package of maternity cover chosen.

APA Insurance Dental Cover

APA covers for optional dental health care of an individual after 12months of application can cost from Ksh. 10,000, ksh.20,000, or Ksh.30,000 depending on the package.

APA Insurance dental cover packages can include:

  • Dental consultation
  • Dental filling
  • Dental x-ray and prescription
  • Dental extractions.

APA Insurance Optical Cover

APA Insurance cover offers optional optical cover per individual. The members benefit from the cover after 12 months of application depending on the type of package.

The APA Insurance optical cover packages can cost from Ksh. 10,000, Ksh.20,000 or Ksh.30,000. APA Insurance optical cover include:

  • Eye checkups
  • Lenses charges as per prescription
  • Replacement of frames done after every 2 years                           

List Of Hospitals That Accept APA Insurance

To get quotes for APA insurance medical cover rates, use this article APA contacts, APA insurance address, and APA insurance branches to find more. Besides, the packages are affordable and you can choose a plan you can comfortably pay and get maximum benefits.

 APA Medical cover allows Co-Pay of Ksh.500 per head at their hospitals and satellite clinics listed below:

  • MP Shah
  • Nairobi Hospital
  • Aga Khan University Hospital
  • Mater Hospital
  • Getrudes Garden Children’s Hospital

Before we look at the accredited APA hospitals, you may be interested to find the services offered by APA, check this article APA Insurance Products.

APA Insurance Accredited Hospitals In Kenya

The following are hospitals that accept APA insurance. Besides, you can find APA insurance accredited hospitals in Nairobi.

List of Hospitals That Accept APA InsuranceLocation/AddressContacts
Getrude’s GC Hospital –Lavington  Othaya Road, Nairobi  Phone: 3742763
Phone: 3742767
Karen HospitalLangata Rd, Karen, Nairobi  Phone: 0736200001 Phone: 0736200002 Phone: 0736200003
Karen Hospital-MeruNjuri Njeke Str, Nairobi  Phone: 06437399 Phone: 06437400
The Nairobi HospitalGalleria, Nairobi  Phone: 703073000
The Aga khan University Hospital3rd floor, Parklands Avenue, Nairobi  Phone: 3740000 Phone: 3662690  
Getrude’s GC Hospital -Nairobi WestMara Road, Nairobi  Phone: 3740000 Phone: 3742531  
Mater Hospital-TownBuru Buru-Shopping Centre, Nairobi  Phone: 0208099163 Phone: 0719888444  
  The Nairobi HospitalRalph Bunche Rd, Nairobi  Phone: 0722204114 Phone: 2845000  
The Aga khan University Buru Buru CentreKenya National Library Services Complex, Mumias South Road, Next to Equity Bank, Buruburu, Nairobi  Phone: 3662155 Phone: 07789889  
AAR Health Centre Upper Hill HQ2nd Floor, Williamson House, Upper Hill, Nairobi  Phone: 289500 Phone: 2895053 Phone: 2895053  
AAR Health Centre City Centre6th Floor, ICEA Building, City Centre, Nairobi  Phone: 318931 Phone: 318924  
M.P. Shah HospitalNairobiPhone: 3742763-7
Avenue Hospital NairobFirst Parklands Avenue, Parklands, Nairobi  Phone: 3745750 Phone: 3742907  
Mater Hospital-South BDunga Road, Mariakani Gardens, Nairobi  Phone: 0724531199 Phone: 531199  
The Aga khan University Town CentreJubilee Exchange Building, 6th floor, NairobiPhone: 3662557 Phone: 340318  
Karen Hospital-NakuruPostbank Building, Kijabe str, Nairobi  Phone: 070000490 Phone: 073600490  
Acacia Medical CenteICEA Building, Nairobi  Phone: 2213551 Phone: 2212200  
Viva Afya Pipeline PharmacyClinic, NairobiPhone: 0770878487
Viva Afya Pipeline PharmacyClinic, NairobiPhone: 770878511
Mariakani HospitalNairobi  Phone: 559371 Phone: 0722860922 Phone: 559371 Phone: 559261
Avenue Hospital KisumuOpp Kibuye Market, Nairobi  Phone: 718860200
Nairobi Womens HospitalHurligham – Argwings Kodhek Rd, Nairobi  Phone: 0733 600665 Phone: 722760146  
Mater Hospital-TownCity centre- Development Hse 1st Flr-Moi Avenue, Nairobi  Phone: 2218224
Nairobi Womens HospitalAdams Arcade, Nairobi  Phone: 0721300871 Phone: 707678641  
Acacia Medical CenterGeneral Accident House, Nairobi  Phone: 2711611
APA Insurance Medical Cover Hospital List

For other counties other than Nairobi, find APA insurance hospitals details in the following table.

APA Insurance Accredited Hospital In KenyaLocation/AddressContacts
St. Lukes Medical Centre KISUMUMilimani Estate ,opp Hare Krishna Temple, KisumuPhone: 751644464
Port Florence Hospital KISUMUBusia -Kisumu Rd, KisumuPhone: 720794139
The Agakhan hospital KISUMUOtieno Oyoo, Off Busia Rd. Next to Kisumu Boys High school, KisumuPhone: 572020005
The Agakhan University Eldoret Medical Centre ELDORETMoi Teaching and Referral Hospital,EldoretPhone: 053-2030061 Phone: 3662562 Phone: 053-2030060
Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital ELDORET  Juma Hajee house, Makasembo street,EldoretPhone: 053 32050 Phone: 053 62644
Nanyuki Cottage Hospital NANYUKINyeri Rd, Nanyuki Town, NanyukiPhone: 06232666 Phone: 06232207
Good Hope Medical Centre NYAHURURUNyahuru TownPhone: 065-2032607
Kerugoya Medical Centre KERUGOYANext to Kerugoya Retail Market, KerugoyaPhone: 21055 Phone: 0163-21345  
Jordan Hospital KITUIMuli house / Off BAT grounds, Kitui 
St. Elizabeth Mukumu Hospital KAKAMEGAMukumu, KakamegaPhone: 0727309861
Kakamega Central Nursing Home KAKAMEGANext Jamindas Paradise Hotel, KakamegaPhone: 0714292451
Cherangany Nursing Home KITALEKitale Eldoret Road,KitalePhone: 5431422
Mariestopes Kenya Clinic KITALEAlong Laini Moja Rd, KitalePhone: 721471805
Avenue Health Care Mombasa MOMBASAAgakhan Doctors Plaza, MombasaPhone: 041-2316104 Phone: 2316380
AAR Mombasa Health Centre MOMBASAFormer Lulu Centre building, Machakos street, off Moi avenue, MombasaPhone: 041-2230036 Phone: 0720-631-145 Phone: 041-2230035  
The Mombasa Hospital MOMBASAOff mama Ngina Drive, MombasaPhone: 0722-203755 Phone: 041-2312191  
List Of APA Insurance Accredited Hospitals In Kenya

APA Insurance Mombasa Accredited Hospitals

  • The Aga Khan, Hospital
  • AAR Mombasa Health Centre
  • Pandya Hospital
  • Jocham Hospital
  • Bomu Medical
  • The Mombasa Hospital
  • Avenue Health Care Mombasa
  • Crystal Medical Centre

APA Insurance Head Office

You may be interested in finding out some key information about APA Insurance head office. Here is what you need about APA Insurance Head Office Contacts

Location: Apollo Centre, Ring Rd Parklands Westlands, Nairobi – Kenya

Phone: (+254) 0709 912 777

Tel:  (020) 364 1000

Tel: (O20) 286 2000

Email: info@apainsurance.org

You can visit the APA Insurance portal to login to your account.

Besides, for more information visit APA Insurance website.


Hopefully your are now familiar with the list of hospitals that accept AP insurance. APA medical cover rates vary depending on your specific needs. Simply use the AP insurance contacts for more details. There are so many AP insurance branches in Kenya and you are likely to find the nearest APA insurance Kenya branch near you.

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