Bomu Hospital Maternity Charges and Services | New!

Bomu Hospital Maternity Charges And Services

An easy to follow complete guide for Bomu Hospital maternity charges, services, maternity packages, contacts, location, address, and many more is here. I have made your research easier and faster to help you plan ahead.

Health standards in the country is managed by various hospitals including Bomu hospital which offers a wide range of services to its patients. This has helped the country in general to be regarded as one of the most developing country since health being one of the basic requirements for citizen has been met.

Bomu Hospital Maternity Package

Quality maternity packages are offered in this facility at an affordable cost. They include Caesarean section, normal delivery, antenatal care, Post-natal care, scanning among others.

Maternal and Child Health Services

Ultrasounds has made maternity services become more efficient. Also, specialized maternity doctors are available and work both day time and overnight. In addition, incubators are available for children who are born under age.

Gynaecological Services

Access to gynaecological services is made possible by the presence of specialized gynaecologists who have specialized in the health of the female organs. They deal with issues like: hormonal disorders, sexually transmitted infections, fertility issues among others.

Family planning services

Kenya’s population growth has been able to be controlled by the use of the family planning methods offered by various hospitals including Bomu hospital. There are family planning schedules administered to females which they are comfortable with.

Bomu Hospital Maternity Charges

The table below shows the maternity services and their respective charges:

Maternity ServicesCharges
Normal deliveryKsh.20,000-25,000
Caesarean SectionKsh.100,000-ksh.150,000
Antenatal care for the first visit +scanKsh.3,300
Antenatal care for the other visit+ scanKsh.800
Bomu Hospital Maternity Charges

Bomu Hospital Services                   

 Due to the availability of professional staff who have specialised in different health services, Bomu hospital has been regarded the best hospital in offering quality services to its patients. Some of this services include: Dental services. Gynaecological services, lab tests, maternal and child health services, inpatient and outpatient services, family planning among others.

Dental Services

Dentistry is offered in this facility and it has been made successful with the aid of cooperating professional dentists whose main aim is to ensure that the patients teeth are in good condition. This services include:              

  • Tooth filling                             
  • Orthodontics/braces
  • 0ral x-ray services
  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Routine dentistry
  • Crowns and bridges

Laboratory Tests Services

Having a spacious laboratory and qualified lab technicians, it has been able to offer various laboratory tests to its patients. In addition to that, variety of tests are done using modern equipment in a fully sterilized setting for our patients and also patients referred from other facilities.

 Results are also released at an early stage so as to prevent time wastage for the patients with busy schedules.

Inpatient Services

Due to availability of many spacious wards, Bomu hospitals has been able to cater for inpatient services who need hospitalization because of their critical conditions. This is a 24-hour organisation specifically for inpatient services for both males and females.

Outpatient Services

Overnight is not spent in the hospital by these patients. This is due to their health conditions not beingchronic. Services offered here include: diagnostic services such as blood and urine lab tests, x-rays; treatments such as chemotherapy; rehabilitation services based on drugs; wellness services such as guiding and counselling, prevention of certain diseases such as obesity by introducing weight loss programs.


This service ensures continuous supply of affordable medicine in the amenity.

Specialties services

Cardiology wards, cancer centres, paediatric services, rehabilitation units are the specialties which Bomu Hospital offers to conquer the chronic conditions which requires special treatment.

Emergency care

Serious conditions such as trauma are given an emergency care. Emergency rooms and staff are prepared to provide care and stabilize patients before they are treated and discharged.

Nursing Services

The facility has a large number of nurses who help physicians in treating and taking good care of patients until they fully recover and discharged from the hospital.

Radiology Services

Medical imaging is used to diagnose diseases found inside the body in order to be treated in the right manner. Bomu hospital has various imaging techniques such as X ray radiography, computed tomography among others.

Bomu Hospital Branches

Bomu Hospital Mombasa has several branches.

  • Bomu Hospital Mariakani
  • Bomu Hospital Mikindani
  • Bomu Hospital Likoni
  • Bomu Hospital wema

1 Bomu Hospital Mariakani

  • Bomu Hospital Mariakani Contacts

Phone 1: +254 721 282080

Phone 2: 0722 574755                            

  • Bomu Hospital Mariakani Location

Health centre located in Kilifi constituency, kaloleni district, Mariakani location, Mitangoni sub location.

  • Bomu Hospital Mariakani Address

Email address: :

Postal address: P.O Box 95683

2 Bomu Hospital Mikindani

  • Bomu Hospital Mikindani Contacts

Telephone number 1: +254722574755

Telephone number 2: +254734574755

  • Bomu Hospital Mikindani Location

Found in Mombasa county

  • Bomu Hospital Mikindani Address

Guaranteed address is as follows:


Postal address: P.O Box 95683-80106, Mombasa, Kenya.

3 Bomu Hospital Likoni

Situated in a strategic place in Likoni where it caters for quality services for a larger population. It is among the many hospitals that has helped likoni residents maintain high health standards.

  • Bomu Hospital Likoni Contacts

Phone 1: +254722574755

Phone 2: +254734574755

  • Bomu Hospital Likoni Location

Located in Likoni Lunga lunga road Mombasa, Kenya.

  • Bomu Hospital Likoni Address


P.O Box 95683-80106, Mombasa Kenya.

4 Bomu Hospital Wema

  • Bomu Hospital Wema Contacts                                            

Phone 1:+254722574755

Phone 2:+254734574755

  • Bomu Hospital Wema Location

Based on locality, it is situated in Bamburi-Utange home, coastal region of Kenya.

  • Bomu Hospital Wema Address


P.O Box 95683-80106, Mombasa, Kenya


Now you are aware of Bomu Hospital maternity charges. To sum up, Bomu hospital has played a key role in ensuring health standards of citizens are maintained. Also, due to their affordable services, one is urged to visit the amenity for check-ups and further treatment.

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