Britam Health Insurance, Medical Cover Costs, And Hospitals

Britam Health insurance, medical cover cost, hospitals in Kenya

Find an easy guide for Britam health insurance including Britam Insurance medical cover hospitals, cover rates, customer care, contacts, customer portal, branches and many more.

Britam Insurance medical cover

Britam Medical Cover Kenya is based on covering the member’s general health.Britam Medical Cover limits its services to Nationals and legal residents with Kenyan citizenship

Britam Insurance medical cover can include:

  1. Britam Insurance Mediflex cover
  2. Britam group medical cover
  3. Britam maternity cover
  4. Britam Insurance Milele heath plan

1. Britam Insurance Mediflex Cover

Britam Insurance offers a medical cover called Mediflex. Mediflex Caters for inpatient and outpatient services for employees and tier dependents.

2. Britam Group Medical Cover

Britam Insurance also covers registered Non-Governmental Organizations, Companies and Chamas not exceeding 10 members that can benefit from Britam Group Medical cover.

3. Britam Maternity Cover

 Britam Maternity Cover has a special group called AFYATELE which enables only one spouse and as many biological children available. Afya tele has an extension of funeral benefit.

AFYATELE medical cover offers maternity cover whereby, the mother’s pregnancy, other accompanying illnesses and normal deliveries can only be taken care of after 9months of waiting.

In case of surgical cases and surgical related complications, the patient is required to have a waiting period of one year. The patient’s situation can only be compromised if the surgery was done following an accident.

4. Britam Insurance Milele Health Plan

Britam Health Insurance has a medical insurance cover called Milele Health Plan. Milele Heath Plan has 4 divisive variants that helps the member in decision making over the best policy that can be equivalent to their needs.  The variants are listed below:

The four variants of Britam Health Insurance Packages include:

  • Advantage
  • Premier
  • Essential 1
  • Essential 2

Britam Insurance Medical Cover Packages

Below is an overview of Britam Insurance Medical cover packages.

  • Optical treatment following accident
  • Ambulance charges by air/ road where admission emergencies occur
  • Oversees treatment cover
  • HIV/AIDS and related conditions and ARVs.
  • Prescribed drugs and dressings.
  • Personal accident in case of death
  • Routine outpatient consultation.
  • Chronic, recurring & pre-existing conditions.  
  • Prescribed physiotherapy.
  • Hospital accommodation
  • Surgeons, doctor fee
  • ICU, HDU and Theatre charges
  • Dressing, Nursing and Drugs
  • Recommended Physiotherapy
  • Newly diagnosed critical illness
  • Guardian/ Parents accommodation fee for children below 10 years.
  • Routine immunizations.
  • Dental accidents
  • Non accident dental & optical services subject to sub-limits and terms.
  • Diagnostic laboratory & radiology services.
  • Routine antenatal and postnatal care.

Britam Insurance Medical Cover Rates

The cost of Britam Health insurance that can benefit you depends with the type of medical package you selected during registration.Britam Insurance medical cover rates per plan can cost any of the following charges depending with the Britam Insurance package you have chosen.

Some plans can be covered in full, with sub limit, or limited as applicable.

Depending with the medical plan type you choose, the cost per plan can range from

  • Ksh. 500-Ksh. 1,000,000
VariantsMinimum Contribution Per Annum
Essential 2Ksh.8,127
Essential 1Ksh. 9,001
Britam Insurance Medical Cover Rates Kenya | Milele Health Plan

Incase you face any trouble you can contact the insurer by checking this article Britam customer care and Britam insurance contacts for various Britam insurance branches and Britam Insurance medical cover contacts.

Britam Insurance Medical Cover Hospitals

Britam Medical Cover Hospitals offer their services to registered members according to customer’s choice of preferred package. Here is a detailed overview of Britam insurance medical cover hospitals in Nairobi and its environs you can check.

Also, you can have a look at these article Insurance Companies in Kenya to find out or compare the medical covers across various insurance companies.

List of Britam approved hospitals in Kenya, Nairobi

Britam Approved Hospitals In Nairobi KenyaBritam Hospitals ContactsHospital Location
Canaan Health ProvidersPhone: 020-341903
Phone: 020-341896
Corner House, 1st Floor, Mama Ngina Street, Town center, Nairobi
Meridian Medical CentrePhone: 0202180121Donholm, Behind Caltex, Donholm, Nairobi
St. John Ambulance KenyaPhone: 020-244444
Phone: 020-210000
Phone: 020-333999  
St. John House, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi
Phamart Health CarePhone: 0202241971Nakumatt Lifestyle, Nairobi
Clinix HealthcarePhone:0208078541Inside St James Church Social Hall 1st floor, Buruburu, Nairobi
Haltons PharmacyPhone: 0773799891Zimmerman, Home Depo- Building,Nairobi
Nairobi HospitalPhone: 0202724715
Phone: 0720132745
Phone: 0202711572
Drs Plaza, Nairobi
Upperhill medical centrePhone: 2727211
Phone: 2729866  
Upperhill, Nairobi
ANKH Womens ClinicPhone: 0202731035
Phone: 0202731036
N.H.I.F Building, 2nd Floor, Upperhill Community area, Nairobi
Meridian Medical CentrePhone: 0202451654Meridian Medical Centre, Nairobi
AAR ClinicPhone: 2715319

Phone 2715328
George Williamson Nairobi Upperhill/Community, Nairobi
Mercy Cedical centrePhone: 0729370022

Phone: 0733370022  
Jubilee Insurance House, Wabera Street, Nairobi
SDA Health ServicesPhone: 2715181
Phone: 0202721200
Milimani Road, Opp. Integrity CentreTown centre, Nairobi
Gertrudes Garden ClinicPhone:0203876827
Lavington, Othaya Road, Lavington, Nairobi
Sims Women Health ClinicPhone: 0202711351
Phone: 0202711611
Sims Women Health Clinic, Nairobi
Britam Insurance Medical Cover Hospitals In Nairobi
Britam Approved Hospitals In KenyaBritam Hospitals ContactsHospital Location
St. Damiano Medical Centre BUNGOMAPhone: 0735 378820
Phone: 0722 233252  
Mumias-Bungoma Road, Bungoma
Mediheal Hospital &Fertility Centre UASIN-GISHUPhone: 0532060072
Phone: 0723578895
Phone: 0532060071  
Nandi Road Eldoret, Uasin-Gishu
Tenwek Hospital BOMETPhone: 0728 091900
Phone: 052-22495  
Bomet-Silibwet Road, Bomet
The Nyahururu Private Hospital NYAHURURUPhone: 0723 537088
Phone: 0700428818  
Next To Muthaiga S.Market, Nyahururu, Nyandarua
Cherangany Nursing Home TRANS NZOIAPhone: 0722 545938
Phone: 054-31422  
Eldoret-Kitale Rd,Near The Round About, Trans Nzoia
Afya Bora Health Services TURKANAPhone: 0715126509
Phone: 0720352090  
Kobil Town Road/ Afya Bora Hse, Turkana
Tumaini Medical Centre TURKANAPhone: 072 5353579
Phone: 0723699942
Phone: 0722447176  
Lodwar, Turkana
Loima Medicalclinic TURKANAPhone: 208023266Lodwar,Turkana
Aga Khan University Medical Clinic KIAMBUPhone: 066-202405
Phone: 066-202405
Phone: 066-202416  
Standard Chartered Building, Kiambu
Aga Khan University Clinic KISIIPhone: 0734 341425
Phone: 058-31479  
Kisii Town, Opp. Sate Lodge, Kisii
Ram Hospital KISIIPhone: 058-30766
Phone: 058-30236  
Stadium Road, Kisii
Hema Hospital KISIIPhone: 0202022548
Phone: 058-30034  
Stadium Road, Kisii
Tawfiq Hospital MALINDIPhone: 0422130204Malindi Town
Precious Life Heathcare MERUPhone:0752962266 Phone:0720567066
Precious Life Healthcare Clinic, Meru
Clinix Heathcare MACHAKOS  Phone: 045-22601Daystar University Athiriver Campus, Machakos
Athi River Medical Services Ltd. MACHAKOSPhone: 0722 953138
Phone: 0202477715  
Athi River, Machakos
Shammah Medical Clinic KITUIPhone: 0735 711955
Phone: 0722 940102  
Centraltrade Centre Building, Next to National Bank Of Kenya, Biashara Street, Kitui
Jordan Hospital & Clinic KITUIPhone: 044-22531
Phone: 044-22530  
Muli House, Off Bat Grounds, Kitui
Mountain Medical Centre MARSABITPhone: 020 2665132
Phone: 0725 823 542  
Bondo Medical Clinic KISUMUPhone: 0727 843968
Phone: 020-2334667  
Bondo Town Opp. Bondo Post Office, Kisumu
Acacia Medical Centre Ltd KISUMUPhone: 057-2025960Nakumatt Mega City, Kisumu            
Optica Kisumu Ltd KISUMU  Phone: 057-202365
Phone: 057-2021990  
Kisumu Al-Imran Plaza, Oginmga Odinga Street, Kisumu
Tanaka Nursing Home            KISUMUPhone:22096
Phone: 055-22506  
Along Kisumu-Busia Road, Busia
Britam Insurace Medical Cover Hospitals

Find the Britam medical insurance application form to have a clear idea of what Britam medical insurance is about.

For more information visit Britam Insurance Kenya website


Britam insurance medical cover hospitals are one of the best hospitals you can use. Besides, Britam insurance medical cover rates vary depending with the package you choose. Having the correct Britam insurance contacts including Britam customer care contacts can make your life easy in contacting any of the Britam insurance branches.

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