Catering Salary In Kenya | New Earnings Update

Catering Salary In Kenya | New Earnings Update

Catering is the provision of food and drink at a gathering or social event. As you know food has always been a basic need. In every event, be it a wedding or a funeral food is very essential.

Nowadays people don’t prefer local foods. People are always after classy food right? And here is where catering plays a big role.

You may be interested in knowing How much does catering pay in Kenya. Catering salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 37,000 Ksh. 280,000 per month. Thus is an overview of a catering staff salary in Kenya.

Chefs Salary In Kenya

How much are chefs paid in Kenya? A highly skilled chef earns an average of Ksh. 105,000 per month.  

Private Chef Salary In Kenya

A private chef salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.277,000.

Cook Salary In Kenya

Cooks play a role of preparing food for consumption in places such as restaurants or food industries. Cook salary in Kenya varies according to a variety of factors.

So, how much are cooks paid? Cook salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 39,000 to Ksh.127,000.

Food and Beverage Salary

Food and Beverage Salary in Kenya is Ksh.98,000 per month.

Qualifications Of A Chef In Kenya

In the world we are living in, one must meet certain qualifications for a certain job. This is to ensure that as the job is conducted there are very minimal errors.

Some of the qualifications of a chef in Kenya may include:
1. Certificate or Degree or Diploma in Food Production.

2. Three years minimum kitchen management experience.

3. Disciplined, consistent & professional.

4. Team player + leader + motivator.

5. Able to manage kitchen costs.

6. Passion & ability to come up with exciting dishes.

7. Very detail oriented with an eye for quality.

However, some lucky individuals may not have a higher learning but are great chefs sine they have mastered the skill of food production. Such persons also earn good salary.

Best Paying Restaurants In Kenya

Here are some of the best paying restaurants in Kenya;

a. Sankara

b. Wannars

c. The Lord Errol

d. Fairmount Hotel

e. Tribe Hotel

That is all about catering and salaries. I think you now have the knowledge right?

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