Churchill Biography And Online Jobs

Churchill Biography And Online Jobs

Churchill is one of the popular male Kenya celebrities who has transformed his career to online jobs. The comedian engages in several legit online jobs in Kenya that has made him wealthy. Lets find out what Churchill does.

Churchill is a popularly known Kenyan Comedian.  He is referred to as the Father of comedy in the Country as he has been a great father to most of the Country’s shinning comedians. He has shown his passion for comedy by nurturing other young talented comedians, with most of them leaving the platform to establish their foundations. Churchill is also referred to as Mwalimu King’ang’i on Classic 105 radio station, where he works as a radio presenter.

Churchill Biography

Churchill was born on 30th October 1977 in Machakos county, Kenya. His parents raised him in Nairobi.  He did well in his primary studies and manage to join Mumbuni High School, where he passed and made it to Day Star University.

Although he had a chance to take his studies on drama in Chicago, USA, Churchill opted to take his classes in Kenya.

Celebrated NameChurchill
Real NameDaniel Ndambuki
Date of Birth     30th October 1977
Place of BirthMachakos
Spouse NameMrs. Mwongeli
Marital StatusMarried
Churchill Biography

Churchill Online Career


Churchill has been active on his YouTube channel with constant communications and updates. Many of his fans also like his Facebook page and are followers on his Twitter and other online platforms. Churchill shares lots of comedy and empowering talks with visionary young people.

Blogging/Article Writing

The comedian is a blogger who has written so many comical articles all revolving around his daily life and the environment. He has also done scriptwriting that has blown with success, and through his blog, he has been able to reach his audience and changed lives.

Affiliate Marketing

Daniel has been a brand ambassador for several companies. Through his online platforms with millions of followers, he has reached out to a significant number of people of his daily adverts. Churchill has promoted food products, electronic gadgets, fashion and designers, real estate properties, furniture, and other housewares. The endorsements have featured both local and international companies.

Online Marketing Influencer

Churchill is an influential character who has used his online platforms to air his voice and the voices of the minorities across the country. He has also been able to improve the Kenyan market through his adverts and other product promotion technics.

In turn, the markets affected have grown their production scale due to increased demand from funds across the country, leading to economic growth.

Online Shop

Churchill owns several online shops, including online clothes, Handcrafts Leather shoes, chips and fish restaurant among other restaurants with taking aways, distinguished men’s ware, and several other products. Through his media platforms, he can reach several customers.

Net Worth Of Churchill

Churchill’s net worth is estimated to over a hundred million Kenyan shillings. From his radio presenting career at classic 105 FM, the amount can be established from the several endorsements by companies.

He is the founding father of ‘The churchil show’ and ‘Churchil Raw,’ the live shows also featured on NTV Thursday and Sunday evening, earned him a great deal of money. The ‘Toto’s Corner’ kid’s festivals have also added to his net worth.


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Churchill, among other celebrities, is one of the to-ranked fathers of comedy in East Africa. He is a motivating factor to many talented youths in school, to finding Online jobs for students to help them make money online in Kenya. Being a mentor to many humorous Kenyan celebrities,

He has been an eye-opener to them on How to make money online in Kenya. Churchill has proven that Legit online jobs in Kenya require individuals to come up with creative ways on how to earn money online. Among the many provided Jobs in Kenya, Creative part-time jobs are among the Best online jobs with good returns.

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