Civil Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Civil Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Civil Engineering has played a key role in ensuring the development of economical projects in the country at large.

Civil engineers have driven forward the economy by playing the following roles:

1. Planning, designing and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure such roads, railways, airports, power plants, among others.

2. Assessing potential risks, materials and the construction cost.

3. Conducting site investigation and analyzing the data.

You may be wondering how much is a civil engineer paid in Kenya? A civil engineers salary in Kenya averages to a starting salary of Ksh.67,000 to as high as Ksh.134,000 per month as the engineer advances work experiences.

Engineers salary is inclusive of benefits such as allowances.

Allowances For Civil Engineers In Kenya

Civil engineers receive various benefit packages such as:

1. Health and life insurance Allowance.

2. Pension plans.

3. Hardship allowances.

4. Housing allowances.

5. Vacations allowances.

Diploma In Civil Engineering Salary In Kenya

It is not necessarily a degree that is needed for one to become a civil engineer. Diploma holders are also competent in their work and earn more salary per month.

Diploma holders salary ranges from as low as Ksh 27,000 to as high as Ksh.50,659 including all allowances.

Marketability Of Civil Engineering In Kenya.

The question that is on board by many students; is Civil Engineering marketable in Kenya? Yes. Civil engineering is one of the highly marketable engineering courses in Kenya as there are various job opportunities on a daily basis. Many people are employed immediately after schools by the government and others by private organizations.


To conclude, civil engineering is among the best engineering courses that one can pursue as a course of choice. It is worth studying due to its capability of near full employment thus the majority are absorbed by the engineering fields. Make a step today and earn more tomorrow.

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