Cost Of A Lorry Of Sand In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Cost Of A Lorry Of Sand In Kenya Today | New Market Price

Are you willing to buy a lorry of sand in Kenya yet you are clueless on it’s cost? You are at the right place as this article is going to be used as an eye opener for you.

Besides, buying a lorry of sand is a good venture that you can delve into as it tags along many advantages. A lorry of sand contains 20 to 44 tones of sand which is quite a good amount either during construction or for business purposes.

The cost of a lorry of sand in Kenya which is an average of Ksh.40,0000 for 20tones. The price was increased by extra Ksh. 5,000 from the previous that cost Ksh. 35,000. This increase is due to the challenges faced by the sand harvesters and harsh weather conditions.

Aside from that, one lorry of sand price highly varies depending on the size of the lorry, the company selling sand, among other factors.

Cost of 1 Tonne of Sand in Kenya

1 tonne of sand is a lot. For those that are not familiar with the weight of a metric tonne, it equals 2,204.6 pounds. When you picture 1 tonne of anything, it is hard not to think about how much that really is. To put this into perspective, here are some examples of things that weigh roughly 1 tonne.

A full-grown elephant can weigh up to 5500 kg or 12,125 lb. That’s more than two elephants. Now let’s think about something smaller but still pretty hefty – like a small car. A Smart Ford model weighs in at 965 kg or 2,127 lb. So we’re getting close to our 1-ton mark. Now you have a clear picture about 1a lorry carrying 1 tonne of sand.

Perhaps you may be interested in knowing cost of 1 tonne of sand in Kenya which is averagely Ksh. 2,000. This sand price per tonne is quite affordable and can be used for construction purposes covering a larger construction area.

Why You Need Sand In Construction

Sand plays various roles in construction such as:

1.Filling underfloor basements.

2.Making concrete.

3.For plasters.

4.Used to make roofing shingles.

Apart from housing construction, sand can also be used in road construction for mixing asphalt.


In the final analysis, sand prices in Kenya are very affordable thus a good business venture as you can buy a lorry of sand at a lower cost and sell it at a relatively higher price fetching you more profits at the end of the tunnel. You can as well buy a lorry of sand and use it for construction purposes.

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