Cost Of A Website In Kenya | New Market Prices

Cost Of A Website In Kenya | New Market Prices

Do you want to have your own website that will ease your online business? Well, you are at the right place where I am going to show you the details that you are required to know before buying your own website.

Besides, having your own website is very beneficial and has more money than any other business in Kenya. This is one of the business opportunities that is unleashed in Kenya not knowing that it creates financial freedom easily.

Needless to say, it is important to plan your finances to avoid overspending on the unnecessary items. This calls upon answering the cost of creating a website in Kenya.

The cost of a website in Kenya ranges from Ksh.17,000 to Ksh.100,000. Besides, there is also a cost of maintaining a website in Kenya which is averagely Ksh. 10,000 to Ksh.60,000 to maintain in good standards. Moreover, the cost of credit website in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh.20,000 to as high as Ksh.85,000.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Website in Kenya

This charges highly varies based on factors such as:

1.Domain and hosting.

2. Components.

3. Website designs.

4.Type of website.

5.Basic technology.


Also, if you have the technical expertise you can create your own website without involving any company and this costs an average of Ksh.5,000.

Cost of Hosting a Website in Kenya

Perhaps you may be interested in knowing the cost of hosting a website in Kenya which ranges from Ksh.2,000 to Ksh.25,000 per year depending on the type of website.

Some of top web hosting companies in Kenya are:

1.Sasahost Limited charges Ksh.5,100 to Ksh.15,000.

2.Kenoobi data which hosts at Ksh.2,500 to Ksh.17,000.

3.DomainRacer Webhosting charges Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.25,000.


Based on the website cost and maintenance, I hope you have gotten a clue that will help you prevent being exploited by being overcharged.Besides,you have made the right decision in getting your own website and you will not regret.

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