Cost Of BMW In Kenya Shillings Today | New Market Price

Cost Of BMW In Kenya Shillings Today | New Market Price

Did you know that BMW is one of the most comfortable motor vehicles available in Kenya? Owning one or more BMWs will make you more privileged due to the unique features that they posses.

Some of these special features that makes a BMW outstand other vehicles include:

  1. Power steering.
  2. Anti lock braking systems.
  3. Driver Airbag.
  4. Power windows front.
  5. Perfect car door sound.

Let me take you through on cost of BMW cars in Kenya that are affordable for you.

The cost of BMW in Kenya Shillings ranges from Ksh.6,000,000 to Ksh. 75,000,000.

These prices highly vary based on the type of the BMW one wants, the model, among other factors. Besides, these prices are not fixed as one is able to negotiate.

Cost of BMW X6 in Kenya

There are various types of BMW cars in Kenya that you may be interested in knowing the cost. One of the types is BMW X6.

The cost of BMW X6 in Kenya Shillings ranges from Ksh. 12,000,000 to 25,000,000.

This BMW X6 price in Kenya Shillings varies depending on the models with old models being the cheapest.

Cost of BMW X8 in Kenya

Apart from that, BMW X8 is also available in Kenya. The BMW X8 price in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 18,000,000 to Ksh.30,000,000 for the new models series that was lately released.

Cost of Hamann BMW X6 in Kenya

You may also wish to be aware about the price of hamann BMW X6 in Kenya which costs roughly 15,000,000 although this hamann BMW X6 price in Kenya can fetch upto Ksh.25,000,000.

These are the available BMW models in Kenya that I think are the best for you.


To sum up, BMW being the most luxurious SUVs in Kenya creates a demand niche for BMW cars amongst citizens. Besides, it has many special features compared to other vehicles making a BMW the best option for you.

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