Cost Of Bridging Courses In Kenya Today | New Fees

Cost Of Bridging Courses In Kenya Today | New Fees

Did you know that you can have a direct entry to a tertiary learning level even when your grades are quite lower than the expected grades? Well, this is made possible by the introduction of bridging courses which are specifically designed to help high school students enter higher education institutions.

Bridging courses are usually short and takes an average of six months to one year so that a student cannot miss a chance in the higher institution. These courses are approved by the Ministry of Education as they prepare students for the pace and standards of tertiary education.

The cost of bridging courses in Kenya which is averagely Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.10,000 per unit taken. This cost varies depending on the learning institution and the unit taken.

Bridging Courses for Nursing in Kenya

Fee Structure for bridging courses are always approved based on the learning institution and the units taken. The fees ranges from as low as ksh.5,000 to Ksh.10,000 per unit being coached.

You may also be interested in knowing bridging courses in various fields which I am going to take you through in this article. The subjects you can bridge include:

  • Chemistry.
  • Biology.
  • Mathematics.
  • Physics.

These are also some of the bridging courses for medicine and also bridging course for pharmacy. These bridging courses will help you gain a direct entry and pursue your course in your institution of choice.

In addition to that, there are bridging course for biology which are offered in various institutions here in Kenya.

Universities Offering Bridging Courses in Kenya

You may also be interested in knowing the universities that offer bridging courses in Kenya which include:

  1. Mount Kenya University.
  2. Karatina university.
  3. Kenya Methodist University.
  4. Pwani University.
  5. Kisii university
  6. Kabarak university.
  7. Chuka university.
  8. Maseno University
  9. South Eastern Kenya University.
  10. Moi University.

These are the most common universities that are known for offering bridging courses in Kenya.

Bridging Courses in KMTC

Does KMTC offer bridging courses in Kenya? No, KMTC does not offer any bridging courses in Kenya.


To conclude, bridging has created more good than harm to many students as they are able to pursue their dream courses without worrying too much about their grades.

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