Cost Of Building A Foundation In Kenya | Strong & Affordable

Cost Of Building A Foundation In Kenya | Strong & Affordable

The whole construction process depends on the foundation.

It means that if the foundation is weak then the whole building will be weak and the vice versa applies.

Building foundations also depends with the land topography or the nature of the land.

For instance you cannot build a weak foundation in a swampy place. The result will be a collapse.

An average foundation can be built in a well dry land which lacks hitches.

Foundations ought to be done using the strongest materials in setting it up since your foundation determines the safety and the durability of the ultimate house.

So, how much does a foundation cost in Kenya? The cost of building a foundation in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 56,000 – Ksh. 200,000 for a one bedroom house build on a red soil.

Factors Influencing Cost of Building A Foundation

1. Type Of Soil

The exact charges to incur for building a foundation will be determined by the soil on your property.

It will be less expensive in the event of red soil since it will not have to be moved.

However, in the case of black cotton soil, it will have to be removed in order to access the rock.

If your property is in an inner area with limited access, transportation will be more expensive.

2. Type Of House

Storey building have a much deeper foundation that would cost more expensive materials compared to a regular house.

Technically a storey building foundation is constructed by digging a hole of about 6 feet.

The 6 feet is equivalent to 1.8 meters beneath the ground.

3. Size of the House

The bigger the house, the greater the square meter coverage of your foundation, the more resources you will use, and the higher the overall cost of building the foundation.

4. Drainage of the Area

If you intend to build a house in a place that is swampy, prepare your pocket well since you must first reclaim the land before starting your foundation.

Land reclamation and draining of the swamp and the damp soil comes at an extra cost.

5. Transportation

Building a home in a remote place will result in an extra transportation cost for materials.

6. Mechanization

Building the house with the help of machines will be more expensive due to hiring of machines compared to when you only rely on human labor to do all the work.

However, for bigger houses and storey building, it is recommended to also use machines to enhance the overall success of construction.

7. Your Location

Urban places such as Nairobi and its environs will attract an overall high cost of construction compared to rural places.

Wrap Up

It is recommended to consult experts in that field for more insight specific to your house design. The technicians will help in finding the most accurate measurements and quotations.

If you are ready to start a foundation then the time is now. Nothing should really stop you.

As mentioned earlier the cost will vary according to the topography of the land and the materials to be used.

At least you have a greenlight on where you can start from. Good luck on your project.

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