Cost Of Building A Single Room In Kenya | Strong & Affordable

Cost Of Building A Single Room In Kenya | Strong & Affordable

Single room house can be used for various activities such as a business place that will earn you more profits. Also, it can be used as a home where people live in.

Building a single room house requires minimum inputs such as mabati, wall materials, among others.

Besides, single room construction takes a minimum time to be complete thus very reliable.

So, how much does a one room house cost? The cost of building a single room in Kenya is approximately Ksh.22,000 per square metre.

Consideration For Building A Single Room

In order to maintain a cheaper cost in building you should do the following:

1. Use appropriate spacing.

2. Complicated designs should be avoided.

3. Building materials should be bought by you rather than other people who will tend to put extra cost.

4. Select a simple roofing style.

5. Recycled materials are relatively cheap.

6. Employ minimum qualified personnel to avoid overspending on labour.

7. Understand you land topography to properly drain the land and prevent flooding in the house.


Many single room houses in Kenya are used for commercial purposes and they are relatively cheaper to construct. Analysis shows mabati single rooms in Kenya are highly occupied by the largest population in Kenya due to its affordability.

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