Cost Of Building Bedsitters In A 50×100 Plot In Kenya | New

Cost Of Building Bedsitters In A 50x100 Plot In Kenya | New

A bedsitter is a type of an advanced single room with the sitting, bedroom, kitchen and even washroom specially arranged in one room. Bedsitters sizes vary as some may be spacious while a few can be quite small.  Most often, the exact cost is dependent on the physical location of your land. Normally, urban constructions are way more expensive than rural homes.

You may be wondering how much is the cost of building bedsitter in Kenya? Well, the cost of building bedsitters in a 50×100 with standard measurement in Kenya can cost between Ksh. 250,000 to Ksh. 500,000 per single bedsitter. Five standard bedsitters can cost an average of 2.2m within the same land space.

Standard Size Of A Bedsitter In Kenya

Bedsitter Measurements

A bedsitter is exactly what it sounds like: a bedsitter. A bed is typically 7ft x 4ft on average; so, a bedsitter is a space that can house a bed and has some mobility allowance of 5 ft on one side. The minimum room size used to be 7ft × 10ft, allowing for a 7ft (really 80″) long bed.

I’d like to believe that today’s minimal room size is 10ft x 10ft. This provides extra space for amenities such as closets, cupboards, and dressers, portraits and wall artworks, leisure sets, TV sets and radio or CD changers, kitchenware and culinary gear, and so on.

However, some Kenyans build smaller bedsitters to accommodate more rooms within the same land space. Thus, you may notice that bedsitters in Kenya are not of the same size since standard measurements has not been enforced.

Bedsitter Construction Cost

Let’s look at the cost of building a bedsitter in Kenya. A 50 by100 piece of land is equivalent to an 1/8 of an acre. We can also say, the land can be 15m by 30m. You can choose to divide the rooms into 90sq meter for each bedsitter.

You will be able to put a total of 5 bedsitters on the piece of land. Assuming you will use the available materials that are pocket friendly, 1 sq meter can cost you around Ksh. 5,000. The total cost will be around Ksh. 450, 000. Thus, how much is the cost of building bedsitter in Kenya? It will cost you approximately Ksh. 250,000 to build standard 5 bedsitters in a 50×100 plot.

However, the cost of building a bedsitter house in Kenya can be higher or lower depending on the size and the mechanism employed in constructing the houses. Note that, you can make the rooms even smaller to come up with several rooms.

The cost of building bedsitters in a 50×100 may depend on several factors. If the site of construction is located in the rural states of the country, the cost can literary be lower than in the urban settings.

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