Cost of Electric Cars in Kenya Right Now

Have you ever thought of either owning or driving an electric car. It must be interesting to drive one right? Long time ago, cars never existed but due to technological advancements, there came the invention of electric cars.

The cars are well known for their comfortability and the speed.  In addition, the vehicles are very stable in the roads in such a way that there are very minimal accidents.

The cost of electric cars in Kenya is approximately Ksh.5,450,000

There are currently a few electric cars in Kenya. These cars uses the power stored on their batteries to move therefore there must be charging stations where they can always be recharged.

2 Types of Electric Cars in Kenya

Nissan Leaf Electric Car Price in Kenya

Nissan leaf is a Japanese designed vehicle manufactured  by Nissan. Ever since the year 2019, the vehicle has been ranked among the highest selling plug. Nissan leaf electric car price in Kenya imported from Japan will cost you an average of ksh.1,500,000 inclusive all the taxes.

Nopia Electric Car

You may be interested in knowing Nopia electric car price in Kenya. If that is it then you are at the right place. The Nopia electric car cost more than Ksh.5,000,000 on average.

Electric Car Charging Stations in Kenya

Since the vehicles are electric, there is need to charge them. This is to mean that the vehicles depend on charge for their movement. Maybe you would like to know electric car charging stations in Kenya. Here are some;

  • Two Rivers Mall.
  • Thika Road Mall.
  • ASOBO Kenya limited.
  • Ecotrify.
  • Mamboleo battery shop among others.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car in Kenya? Well, the price has variation. The cost of charging an electric car in Kenya ranges from as low as ksh.1,008 to up to ksh.5,000 on average.

Duty on electric cars Kenya may be your other concern. Well, the government reduced the duties from 20% to 10%.


Electric cars Kenya are affordable to anyone who’s willing to own it. The cars are among the best since they are designed in the latest technology. Let me hope by now you at least have a clue on electric cars. If it has always been your dream to own one, then this is the right time. Have a good luck.

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