Cost Of Iron Sheets In Kenya | New Price List For All Brands

Cost Of Iron Sheets In Kenya | New Price List For All Brands

Best iron sheets in Kenya completes your shelter with amazing looks. You can purchase your own choice of iron sheets from distributors near you. Kenyan iron sheets manufacturing companies, provides you with a variety of iron sheet according to sizes, shapes and material among others.   

You may be interested to find out the cost of iron sheets prices in Kenya. The cost of iron sheets in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 300 to Ksh. 1,000 per single sheet.

It is vital to select the best iron sheets in Kenya accredited that offer high quality iron sheets at pocket friendly prices. Besides, keep in mind that the thicker the iron sheet the lower the gauge.

Mabati Pricing Facts You Must Know

  1. Different gauges cost different prices
  2. The lower the gauge the thicker the price hence prices increase with decrease in gauges.
  3. The prices are charged per meter
  4. 30-gauge iron sheet price in Kenya is lower than a 28-gauge iron sheet.

Types of Iron Sheets and Their Prices in Kenya

The following are some of the popular iron sheets and their market price:

Iron Sheets Under Ksh. 700

If you are operating under a tight budget and still want quality iron sheets, consider this mabati price list

  • Imarisha mabati wave tile- Approximately Ksh. 680
  • Imarisha mabati bamboo tile – Approximately Ksh. 680
  • Versatile Taifa Mabati- Approximately Ksh. 680
  • Stone corrugated classic- Approximately Ksh. 675
  • Box profile matte- Approximately Ksh. 585
  • The company’s Corrugated Matte (G30)- Approximately Ksh. 530
  • Corrugated glossy- Approximately Ksh. 430
  • Royal Mabati Corrugated Gloss (G30)- Approximately Ksh. 420
  • Roofing ridges and valleys- Approximately Ksh. 400
  • Plain sheet glossy- Approximately Ksh. 385
  • Alloy zinc mabati- Approximately Ksh. 330

Iron Sheets Above Ksh. 700

  • Poly carbonate iron sheets- Approximately Ksh. 13,000
  • Marine boards spy- Approximately Ksh. 2,400clear roofing sheets- Approximately Ksh. 1,500
  • Elegantile Mabati – Approximately Ksh. 1,000.
  • Orientile and versatile mabati (G28)- Approximately Ksh. 980
  • MRM’s Zentile Mabati (G28)- Approximately Ksh. 945
  • Zentile mabati (G28)- Approximately Ksh. 945
  • Versatile Maisha colored roofing ridges (G28)- Approximately Ksh. 780
  • Euro tile matte- Approximately Ksh. 750
  • Stone coated roofing decra tiles – Approximately Ksh. 750
  • Roman longtile matte- Approximately Ksh.  750
  • Brick tile matte- Approximately Ksh. 750
  • Zee tile matte- Approximately Ksh. 750

Dumu Zas Iron Sheets Prices in Kenya

The iron sheets are steel made and proved to be long lasting. Dumu zas iron sheets are multipurpose, in that they can serve as roofing sheets for your house, or as a strong fence for your compound. The prices vary from about Ksh. 200 to Ksh. 500.

You can risk incurring high charges upon single purchases. Only bulky purchases come with relatively lower prices. Most farmers prefer using Dumu zaz iron sheets in construction of domestic cages for birds among other animals.

Box Iron Sheets Prices in Kenya

Beautify your house with the best iron sheets at favorable prices.  Box iron sheets are available in several colors such as; blue, red, charcoal grey, brick red signal red, maroon, tile red and green. 1m may cause about Ksh.470. However, the price can be higher or lower in relation to the gauge and the length. 

Higher qualities of the box iron sheets attract higher prices. Some manufactures may offer free deliveries to your door step, while others may deliver the iron sheets at a cost. The delivery fee may be charge according to the distance from point of distribution.

Versatile Iron Sheets Prices in Kenya

The versatile iron sheets are trusted to last longer due to their high-grade coating of steel, aluminum and zinc metals. The iron sheets are approximated to cost around Ksh. 600 to Ksh. 1,000, depending on the gauge. The versatile iron sheets present in brick red, blue, chocolate and gray tiles with legal approval from KEBS.

Wrap Up

Its my hope that this article has provided you with essential information, on the cost of iron sheets in Kenya. The only way to identify the best iron sheets in Kenya, is to find out more on the available varieties. Mabati prices in Kenya may be relatively low if the purchase is bulky.

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