Cost Of Lexus In Kenya Today | New Market Prices

Cost Of Lexus In Kenya Today | New Market Prices

Owning a car is one of the dreams of many people around the globe. Many people aspire to have a peaceful and comfortable ride on the tarmac roads. My advice to you is go with Lexus cars as they are a luxury brand since these vehicles drive like champions.

There are new Lexus models that are lately released with various special features that make Lexus cars stand out as the best cars of your choice. Some of these special features include:

1.Fuel consumption of 8.1 liters for 100 KMS.

2.Spacious cabin.

3.6 speed automatic transmission.

4.Maximum torque of 350Nm/1659-4000 rpm.

Let us now get started on the brand new Lexus prices in Kenya. Cost of Lexus in Kenya ranges from Ksh.3,500,000 to Ksh.25,000,000 based on the Lexus model.

Toyota Lexus V8 Price in Kenya

There are different types of Lexus cars in Kenya which showing you is the best idea.

One of the Lexus cars is the Lexus v8 and I know you are curious to know the Toyota Lexus v8 price in Kenya. Cost of Lexus v8 in Kenya is averagely Ksh.19,000,000. This car is usually unique when it comes to different features that it possesses.

Lexus lx 570 Price in Kenya

You may also be interested in knowing the cost of Lexus 570 in Kenya. This Lexus model is one of the most expensive Lexus models with the new Lexus lx 570 price in Kenya being Ksh.20,000,000. There is also the old model of Lexus lx 570.

The cost of Lexus lx 570 in Kenya old model ranges from Ksh.14,000,000 to Ksh.18,000,000.

Lexus rx270 Price in Kenya

Perhaps you may wish to know Lexus rx270 price in Kenya which is Ksh.3,500,000 for a seven-year-old model.

Lexus rx300 Price in Kenya

Lexus rx300 prices in Kenya ranges from Ksh.10,000,000 to Ksh.15,000,000 for the new model versions that was lately released.


I hope you have gotten an idea of Lexus cars and you are in the right position to choose the Lexus models that you want to buy in Kenya.

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