Cost Of Mountain Bike In Kenya | Latest New Prices

Cost Of Mountain Bike In Kenya | Latest New Prices

Mountain bikes are mostly preferred for sports and exercise. A few people will have the bikes for spending well their leisure time. You can get cheap bicycles for sale in Kenya at any of the bicycle distribution center.

You may be interested to know, mountain bikes prices in Kenya Jumia. Mountain bike prices vary with the kind of distributor you are dealing with. The cost of mountain bike in Kenya ranges from approximately Ksh. 6,000 to around Ksh. 50,000. That is the range of Jumia bicycles Kenya prices.

Ex UK Mountain Bikes For Sale In Kenya

The UK has secured a readily available market in Kenya for the mountain bikes. Most of the UK bikes are second hand but strong and valuable. The UK Mountain bikes are available for both children and adults. The bike prices will depend on the quality value of the mountain bike.

List if UK Mountain Bikes In Kenya

  • MTBS mountain bikes
  • Caraiman Dino foldable mountain bikes
  • Static bicycle snap Hardtail bikes
  • Nunix mountain bikes
  • Starking mountain bike
  • Folong mountain bikes
  • Foldable fat with full suspension mountain bikes
  • Shimano mountain bikes with suspension disc brakes
  • GT ricochet mountain bike
  • Haier premier mountain bikes
  • Galaxy mountain bikes
  • Cboardman carbon fiber road bike

Others include:

  • Flawless mountain bikes
  • Premier mountain bike
  • Luta bicycle mountain bikes
  • Essential leopard mountain bikes
  • Giem 869S Alloy Mountain bikes
  •  Mountain bikes with shocks
  • Chipmunk super BMX bike
  • Aluminum mountain bikes
  • New BMX Mountain bikes
  • Trinx mountain bikes
  • 17.5 UTC mountain bikes
  • Baby BMX stunt bicycles
  • Speedking mountain bikes
  • Mountain bikes with gear all sizes
  • Phoenix mountain bikes

Where to Buy Mountain Bikes In Kenya

Note that, you can also purchase mountain bikes from supermarkets such as Naivas supermarket at reasonable Naivas bicycle prices. Other Bicycle Shops In Nairobi, Kenya Prices do not differ so much from one another. However, what makes the difference is the physical location of the supplier.

Some of the shops include;

  • Wheels of Africa
  • Green cycle shop
  • Cycloville Kenya
  • Ex UK bikes
  • Cycle land ltd
  • Pro bikes
  • Pedalling powerhouse
  • Cycles Africa bikes among others

Wrap Up

The cost of mountain bike in Kenya can be determined majorly by, the size of the bicycle and the supplier. Window shopping is always encouraged for identification of cheap bicycles for sale in Kenya. Bicycle shops in Nairobi, Kenya prices tend to differ basing on the point of distribution.

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