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Murram is one of the major materials required during construction of either roads, houses, among others. It plays major roles in construction. The following are some of the benefits putting murram in your construction site.

  1. Creates stability in the foundation.
  2. Solidifies the base which concrete seats on.
  3. Provided a good base for buildings.
  4. Shorten time required for casting.

Besides, murram is a relatively cheaper hence affordable material in the construction site. You can as well buy murram for commercial purposes. This requires a very strategic plan in order to have a successful venture.

For this reason, I am going to show you murram prices in Kenya so that you can have a clue to avoid being overcharged by murram sellers.

The cost of murram in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 5,000 to Ksh.8,000 per lorry. This price highly varies based on the type of murram, the company selling the murram, among other factors.

You may also wish to be informed about the price of murram per ton in Kenya which is averagely Ksh. 500. This price is quite affordable.

 Are you wondering how many tonnes of murram does a lorry carry? An Isuzu lorry carries an average of 20 tonnes of ballast which costs an average of Ksh.5,000 to Ksh. 8,000 depending on the company selling murram to you.

Types Of Murram Used In Construction

Below are the commonly used murram types used in construction.

  • Fine grained soil.
  • Coarse grained murram.
  • Shale.
  • Commercial by products.


Murram is one of the best materials in road and building constructions. Besides, they are relatively cheaper materials hence affordable. You can venture into murram business today by obtaining your murram at the quarry sites and selling it to retailers who will further sell to consumers.

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