What Is The Cost Of Probox In Kenya?

Are you in business and want a vehicle that will help you make quick deliveries and manoeuvre around? Toyota Probox is the best option for this function. It is affordable and flexible for transportation. The vehicle is designed to carry goods in large quantities and supply them to customers. A lot of business people prefer using Probox since it’s speed is perfect and it has favourable car features.

The cost of new Probox in Kenya is about Ksh. 800.000. The cost of used Probox in Kenya is approximately Ksh.300,000.

Features of Toyota Probox

Toyota Probox is very economical when it comes to fuel consumption. It consumes about 13L to 19L per kilometre. It has an engine capacity of 1,298-1,496cc, maximum power of 72-109ps, and it’s drive type is AWD/FF. The vehicle is also stable on the road and is very light thus making it’s speed favourable. These are some of the best features that make Probox best choice for many business people.

Toyota Probox Market

Ever since Toyota manufactured the Probox, it has never regretted doing it. Over the past few years, it has been able to sell the vehicle over a large market. On the roads today, you will see a lot of Toyota Probox. This means that the vehicle is very good, affordable and has the best features.

Are you in need of affordable vehicle that will help you make deliveries faster? Do not hesitate to get yourself a Toyota Probox.

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