Cost of Prado TX in Kenya | New Market Prices

A Prado TX is one of the biggest cars that is highly appreciated due to the various added advantages that tag along after buying it. According to statistics, many people around the globe give positive reports about these cars making them the best option for anyone interested. Are you interested in buying a Prado TX in Kenya yet you do not have an idea of just how much it cost?

The cost of Prado TX in Kenya ranges between Ksh.4,000,000 and Ksh 15,000,000 on average. This is the price of the new Prado TX in Kenya.

Features of Prado TX

Besides, Prado TX has very many special features that make it stand out as the best car of your choice. Some of these key features include:

  1. Anti lock braking system.
  2. Driver Airbag.
  3. Automatic climate control.
  4. Fog lights front.
  5. Power steering.
  6. Power windows front.
  7. Alloy wheels.
  8. Passenger airbag.

These features make Prado TX a very luxurious car offering comfortable rides.

Second-Hand Prado Tx in Kenya

You may have insufficient funds to buy a new Toyota Prado Tx in Kenya. Worry less for you can always go for a second-hand Prado Tx. The second-hand Prado Tx price ranges from Ksh.1,500,000 to Ksh.5,000,000, which is much less as compared to a brand new tx Prado. This price depends on the car’s condition, model of the car, among other factors.

Sometimes you may not want to buy a Prado TX yet you want to have a ride in it. You can as well decide to lease a Toyota Prado Tx for as long as you want. The price of leasing a Prado Tx in Kenya is averagely Ksh. 250,000 per month.


I hope I have given you clear information about what you wanted to know concerning Prado Tx. Besides, Toyota Prado Tx will make you have comfortable and luxurious rides around the country. Do not be left behind, buy a Prado TX and have a better tomorrow.

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