Cost Of Studying Journalism In Kenya | Latest New Fee

Cost Of Studying Journalism In Kenya | Latest New Fee

Journalism is a broad course that is categorized in different groups such as investigative journalism, news journalism, Reviews, columns, feature writing, among others. Due to journalism, citizens are able to get detailed information needed in making right decisions about themselves and society at large.

Journalism courses in Kenya are offered in various universities such as journalism courses in Kenyatta University which is a great course.

The cost of studying journalism in Kenya is averagely Ksh.35,000 per semester which is relatively affordable. Moreover, the fee highly depends on the type of school one enrolls and also the level of education one is taking.

Requirements to Study Journalism in Kenya

You may also like to know the subjects required to study journalism in Kenya which include:




4. Kiswahili

In addition, you need to have a mean grade of C+ and above and a minimum of C+ in the mentioned subjects as these are the high school requirements for journalism.

Aside from these subjects, one needs to be a holder of the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) with a minimum of two principal passes and one subsidiary pass.

With these journalism course requirements, one is able to pursue diploma journalism in Kenya or degree journalism and mass communication in Kenya without any complications.

Is Journalism Course Marketable in Kenya?

Are you worried whether journalism course is marketable or not? Worry not. Journalism course is a highly marketable course due to various arising channels in Kenya which creates a high demand for people pursuing journalism in the country.


Journalism is the best carrier for you as an individual due to its high paying salary as well as high demand niche thus creating various job opportunities for Kenyans. Besides, journalism courses, fees are relatively cheaper thus very affordable. Enroll today in your institution of choice and pursue Journalism.

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