Cost Of Studying Nursing In Kenya | Latest New Fees

Cost Of Studying Nursing In Kenya | Latest New Fees

Nursing career has really offered a great hand in the medical sector as nurses play a big role in the treatment and caring of the patients by ensuring their wellness till, they get better and stable. Nursing is also a course on its own and it is highly marketable in the modern world due to high demand niche created by a lot of patients and health facilities in the country today.

Are you passionate about nursing? Well, I am here to guide you through to ensure you complete your nursing course and become a competent nurse in future.

Are you wondering how much does it cost to study nursing in Kenya? The cost of studying nursing in Kenya ranges from Ksh.100,000 to Ksh. 300,000 per trimester.

This nursing fees in Kenya highly varies based on factors such as the type of learning institution, level of education such as diploma, degree among many more.

Fee Structure Of Nursing Courses at KMTC

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) offers diploma courses in nursing at an average cost of Ksh.130,000 per trimester. This cost caters for everything including tuition fees, examination fees, among many more items.

You may also like to know the KMTC fee structure for diploma in community health nursing which is averagely Ksh. 127,000 per trimester.

Aside from that, fee structure for certificate in community health nursing is averagely Ksh. 100,000 per term and it caters for a variety of items.

Types Of Nursing Courses In Kenya

  • Critical care nursing.
  • Nephrology nursing.
  • Neonatal nursing.
  • Accident and Emergency nursing.
  • Perioperative nursing.
  • Part Time Nursing Courses In Kenya

These courses include:

1.Diploma In clinical Nursing and care.

2.Diploma in Nursing  Assistant.

3. Diploma in Adult Nursing.

4. Palliative and End of life care.


Nursing is the best career for you to pursue as it tags along a wide range of added advantages such as interacting with patients, high salaries and allowances, among others.

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