Cost Of Studying Piloting In Kenya | Latest New Fees

Cost Of Studying Piloting In Kenya | Latest New Fees

Piloting is one of the careers that gives you a wide range of opportunities when it comes to world exploration and also exposure. If you are an adventurer then this will be your best career.

Needless to say, it is important for you as an individual to draft a very effective financial plan to prevent inconveniences such as dropping out of school without completion. For this reason, I will answer the question on the cost of study piloting in Kenya in this article.

The cost of studying piloting in Kenya is Ksh.800,000 for the first basic license which takes an average of six months and Ksh. 2,825,000 for the second level license that is also commercial pilot license which takes a duration of 8 to 12 months.

Pilot training in Kenya is done courtesy of high qualified personnel resulting to a relatively high cost of studying aviation in Kenya.

Helicopter Training Cost in Kenya

It’s no secret that helicopter training is expensive. Many prospective pilots find the cost of obtaining their helicopter license to be prohibitive, which is why Kenya has become a popular destination for affordable helicopter training. In Kenya, you can obtain your license for a fraction of the price you would pay in other countries.

You may also want to know helicopter pilot training cost in Kenya which is averagely Ksh.6,000,000 for both theory and flying lessons.

Requirements For Pilot Course In Kenya

Minimum mean grade of C stand in the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE).

Minimum of C+ in cluster subjects such as English, Mathematics, Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology. These are the subject requirements to become a pilot in Kenya.

Besides, Kenya school of flying scholarships are there in Kenya to give students full scholarships for their aviation. These scholarships cater for flight school fees, theories and also accommodation fees.


In the final analysis, piloting is one of the finest careers, exciting and most rewarding career around the globe. It is very marketable and also a high paying salary at the end of every month. Indeed, it is a career that ushers you to a financial freedom in the modern world.

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