Cost of Toyota Axio in Kenya Today | New Market Price

Toyota Axio is a very stylish car that makes it win a chance of being among the top fancy cars in Kenya. Besides, it is a very spacious car due to its wheelbase that provides space in both the front cabin and the rear cabin.

Do you want to join Toyota Axio users today? Well, I am here to guide you on very important details that you must know and what you may be interested in before buying a Toyota Axio 1500cc in Kenya. Let us first start with the new Toyota Axio price in Kenya so that you can gauge your financial position at the moment.

The cost of Toyota Axio in Kenya is averagely Ksh. 4,000,000. This price is for a brand new car. If you are considering owning a second-hand car. A second-hand Toyota Axio in Kenya price ranges from as low as Ksh.450,000 to Ksh.1,234,000 based on the condition of the car at that particular moment.

Toyota Axio Special Features

Toyota Axio has special features that other cars may not possess. Some of these features include:

  1. Engine capacity of 1500cc and 1800cc.
  2. It is a 5 seater.
  3. Has a tank capacity of 50litres.
  4. Fuel consumption of 19km per litre.
  5. Maximum power of 144ps.

Besides, you have to maintain Toyota Axio in order to increase it’s durability. Also, when selling it as a second-hand car you will fetch more cash. The cost of maintaining Toyota Axio in Kenya is averagely Ksh.200,000 per annum. This means it has a minimum maintenance cost.


To sum up, Toyota Axio is the simplest car with a very expensive interior that offers luxurious and comfortable rides. It is also a cost-saving car as it consumes minimum fuel and also minimum maintenance cost.

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