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Toyota company is among the best companies to produce prestigious vehicles in the world. The company doesn’t regret building it’s vehicles since it is popular all over. Maybe you have been thinking of purchasing a compact vehicle that can help you and your family. If that is the case then the Toyota Belta can be a very good alternative for you. The vehicle is economical in terms of fuel consumption. This means that it consumes about 1 litre per 19km. Isn’t that amazing?

Toyota Belta is also designed in a very special way. This makes it look attractive and unique over other Toyota vehicles. The interior itself is amazing to provide the comfort ability that the user requires. The car is also stable on the road and this feature helps it minimise accidents on roads.

Cost of Toyota Belta in Kenya ranges from Ksh.300,000 to Ksh.800,000.

The variation may be due to factors such as model, whether new or used among others. The Cost of brand new Toyota Belta in Kenya begins from Ksh.520,000.  

Cost of Used Toyota Belta in Kenya

Price of used Toyota Belta in Kenya can begin from as low as Ksh.300,000. Each seller will however have their own prices depending on the duration they have used the given vehicle.

Toyota Belta 1000cc price in Kenya can be purchased starting with an amount of about Ksh.430,000. With that affordable amount, you will be able to get a very powerful Toyota Belta.

The Toyota Belta engine price in Kenya may begin from Ksh.30,000 on average. The prices will however keep increasing depending on the condition of the engine.

Toyota Belta Problems in Kenya

Toyota Belta problems in Kenya are however not that many. For instance, some of the disadvantages of Toyota Belta are as follows. The vehicle is too compact and therefore cannot accommodate many people, it is very low but can be fixed by installing larger tyres.

I believe by now you know almost everything about the Toyota Belta. It’s now time to make your dreams come true by getting yourself the Belta. Either a new one or a used one depending on your budget.

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