Eagle Health and Clinic Services Maternity Charges and Services | New!

Eagle Health and Clinic Services Maternity Charges And Services

All about Eagle Health and Clinic Services maternity charges, services, contacts, address, locations, gynaecologist, NHIF, and many more is documented here. I have made your research easier, and quick. Lets get to business.

Back in 2014 August, Eagle Health And Clinic Services was Founded. The main reason of its formation was to help the society in terms of making their health better. Eradication of poor health was also its other objective. After its formation, there has been a great increase in terms of better health and life saving.

Eagle Health And Clinic Services Contacts

Reach the facility through: 0759828928

Eagle Health And Clinic Services Location

The Hospital is located along Naivasha Road, Next to Jamii Bora Bank.

Eagle Health And Clinic Services Address

Along Naivasha Rd- Kikuyu Rd Junction Next To Jamii Bora Bank, Kawangware Branch.

Eagle Health And Clinic Services Maternity Charges

Eagle Health and Clinic Services Hospital offers maternity services at very affordable prices. Below is a table showing some of those services with their respective prices;

Eagle Health And Clinic Maternity ServicesCharges (with NHIF)Charges (without NHIF)
Caesarian DeliveryFreeKsh. 47,500
Normal DeliveryFreeKsh. 5,000
Eagle Health And Clinic Services Maternity Charges

Eagle Health And Clinic Services Maternity Package

Packages offered are;

Caesarian Delivery

Birth complications might arise at some point. That is why the hospital has a caesarian section commonly known as the C section. What happens in the section is some sort of surgery. The surgery is through the incision of the abdomen to bring out the baby. The surgeries are performed by specialized surgeons.

The surgeons are helped by the nurses to make the process a success. The surgeons ensure that the surgical equipment they are using are clean and less contaminated. This really prevents wound infections by a high percentage. The surgeons work with a lot of keenness to ensure that the process is obviously successful.

Over many years since the discovery of the c section, there has been a great increase in terms of survival that is of the mother and child. In the facility the caesarian delivery is chargeable but at a very affordable rate.

Normal Delivery

Women who lack any delivery complications are given a chance to deliver at Eagle Health And Clinic Services. Women are able to give birth with the assistance of the doctors, nurses or midwifes. The whole staff is available to make sure that the process is successful. The main goal of the staff is to see a new life. After the delivery, both the mother and child are taken care of until their health gets better.


Gynaecologists are doctors who have specialized in women’s health. the gynaecologists mostly deal with issues affecting the female reproductive system. Some of these issues are; infertility issues, hormonal disorders, menstrual disorders, Sexually Transmitted diseases, and endometriosis among others. Better your health with Eagle Health And Clinic Services gynaecologists.  

Eagle Health And Clinic Services 

Apart from maternity, the following are other services offered at Eagle Health And Clinic Services;

Casualty And Emergency Services 

This type of department is available in the facility to handle emergency cases. The facility has an emergency team that is always standby and focused. The team is always active for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is with an aim of ensuring that all the emergency cases are handled with cautiousness.

The department is well trained and really understand their purpose in the facility. The department works with an aim of making sure that many lives are saved as time goes by. The doctors in the department also work hand in hand with the other staff to make the procedures successful.


The Hospital has modern wards. The wards are comfortable, spacious and clean. Through all these conditions, there is an assurance that the patient’s recovery process is successful. The wards are mostly available for the inpatients whose conditions could not allow them to go to their homes.

The nurses monitor the wards each and every time to make sure that whatever thing the patients require is delivered to. The nurses aim is to ensure that the patients stay in an enabling healing environment.

Laboratory Services

The section plays a very fundamental role in any facility. Just after a patient is done with consultation, the doctors may refer them to the laboratory for a test. Eagle Health Nursing Home has a modern laboratory with modern testing equipment.

The laboratory is run by specialists who are well vast in that field. The technicians are keen to ensure that every test conducted is accurate. Since they play a very important part the technicians work with maximum keenness not to mess around. In this section, accuracy is the goal.

Surgical Services

With highly knowledgeable surgeons, the surgical processes have been successful after many times of performance. There is an availability of an operating theatre which also makes the surgical process very successful. The surgeons are helped by the nurses their presence is also important in the surgical department.

Dental Services

Problems associated to the teeth are not pleasing at all. Some people end up having sleepless nights due to those problems. Eagle Health has a dental department to help patients overcome their teeth problems. The dentists are very skilled and they have an objective of providing the best teeth care.

These dentists offer services such as extraction, filling, fitting of braces, teeth whitening, crowns and bridging. The dentists are there to ensure that you regain your normal teeth condition. If you have any problems associated with the teeth just take an initiative of visiting Eagle Health And Clinic Services.   


As you can see, the Eagle Health and Clinic Services are affordable. With its modern facilities and skilled personnel, there is a great assurance of better health as time goes by.

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