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Escrow Kenya

Are you afraid of losing money to cons who fail to keep their word? Escrow Kenya is what you need now for safe money transactions even without knowing the person you are doing trade with.

An Escrow account is easy to use, very convenient, and ensures both buyer and seller meet their terms of service before completing the transaction.

Reasons You Should Use Escrow Account

  1. The account secures your money from cons such as fake buyers or fake sellers
  2. You only release payment from the escrow account after you have received your item
  3. Seller can safely process bulk orders after buyer loads money in escrow account, and receives after buyer gets the delivery
  4. Both buyer and seller do not have to meet in person, escrow solves the trust issues for you
  5. Both parties gets satisfied and transaction is complete; buyer gets products and seller gets money

It is free to register your account by clicking this button

How Escrow Kenya Works

1. Agree To Terms

Buyer and seller agree to secure an order via Escrow Kenya. Either party can initiate a transaction and provide the terms and conditions as agreed prior. Examples are such as the selling price, who pays for shipping, mode of shipment, who pays the escrow fees, how soon the product/service will be delivered, etc.

Buyer creates the order by filling the “Start Transaction” form.

This is how a ‘Start Transaction’ form looks like

Escrow Kenya

You only choose the services you intend to you at that time. For instance:

When you click the drop down icon on ‘Buying’ you will see

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Brokering

When you click the drop down menu on ‘Choose here’ you will see

  • General Goods
  • Motor Vehicles
  • General Services
  • Electronics
  • Freelancing Accounts

2.  Buyer Deposits Funds

After all terms and conditions are set out and agreed upon, the buyer deposits funds with Escrow Kenya. The company verifies the payment and notifies the seller to ship the goods or provide the service.

3 Delivery

Seller is notified via email and SMS to proceed with delivery and delivers the goods by the due date. The seller is authorized to deliver the goods or services to the buyer. Escrow Kenya verifies that the buyer received the goods or services in good condition.

4.  Buyer Accepts The Delivery 

After inspecting the delivery, the buyer accepts it and authorizes funds to be released to the seller.

5 Escrow Release

Funds are removed from the buyer’s escrow account and made available for withdrawal in the seller’s account. So, Escrow Kenya pays the seller. Funds held in escrow are released to the seller, bringing the escrow transaction to an end.

Escrow Transaction Fees

Please note that there are No hidden or extra fees.

Escrow Kenya does not charge you hidden fees. All applicable fees are quoted upfront. 

Here’s a breakdown of all fees:

i) Fee For Transactions In Kenya Shillings

General Merchandise & Services:- 3% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of KES 200 and a maximum fee of KES 15,000.

Motor Vehicles:- 1.5% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of KES 1,500 and a maximum fee of  KES 15,000.

ii) Fee For Transactions In US Dollars

General Merchandise & Services:- 3% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of $2.50 USD and a maximum fee of $155 USD.

Motor Vehicles:- 1.5% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of $15.50 USD and a maximum fee of  $155 USD.

Discounted Escrow Fee:

Charged to the buyer where an order is voluntarily canceled by the seller. Calculated as 0.5% of the price, with a minimum fee of KES 200 for transactions in Kenya Shillings or $2.50 USD for transactions in US Dollars.

Dispute Administration Fee:

Charged to the buyer where an order goes through dispute resolution and the dispute is closed in the buyer’s favor. It is calculated as the standard escrow fee, charged to the buyer in full, regardless of the initial fee-sharing agreements between the buyer and the seller.

Escrow Withdrawal Fee

KES 25 for transactions in Kenya Shillings or $0.50 USD for transactions in US Dollars.

Evidence That Escrow Account Is Legit

The following are Escrow Kenya reviews by people who have actually used Escrow account.

Recommendations & Reviews. 5 out of 5. Based on the opinion of 183 people

Aed Mur  recommends Escrow Kenya. June 3, 2021  ·

A Kenyan solution for Kenyan problems. Keep up the good work, appreciate that you work at night too, 😀

Collins Mwangi  recommends Escrow Kenya. April 27, 2021  ·

Unparalleled professionalism

Denny Kirry  recommends Escrow Kenya. February 2, 2021  ·

Timely and well-versed customer care. You’re convenient. Keep up.

Brian Kidds  recommends Escrow Kenya. October 13, 2020  ·

For safe online transactions, use Escrow Kenya. I was almost conned by Pascal when buying a textbroker account

Jake Wamae  recommends Escrow Kenya. July 16, 2020  ·

Their quick responses. Commendable

Onesmus Katava Musyimi  recommends Escrow Kenya. September 16, 2020  ·

Safe, would recommend to friends

Kate Nolan Ross  recommends Escrow Kenya. July 23, 2020  ·

I’ve always wanted to purchase a certain product online but couldn’t because I was afraid of losing my money. But thanks to Escrow Kenya, I was able to order it yesterday and it was delivered successfully today. Thank you Escrow Kenya! You guys rock!

James Kariuki  recommends Escrow Kenya. June 27, 2019  ·

great service😎😎😎

Nyakundi Jay  recommends Escrow Kenya. July 11, 2019  ·

Awesome! Sorted me within minutes. Will recommend it anytime!

Robert Kamaru

Thanks for the recommendation. 👌🏾

Abunga Denis  recommends Escrow Kenya. August 9, 2019  ·

Its the best, you gota try it out

Escrow Kenya

Thanks for the recommendation, Abunga. It was a pleasure serving you. 🙂

Ŗeśeaŕcĥeŗ  recommends Escrow Kenya. August 9, 2019  ·

100% Legit, secure to use and pocket-friendly charges. Will use it anytime i have a transaction in future. Best service ever.

Escrow Kenya

Thanks for the recommendation, Francis. We are pleased to serve you. Looking forward to serving you again in future.

Hylda Kagunyi  recommends Escrow Kenya. September 7, 2019  ·

Outstanding service, highly recommend it.

Mackins Otieno  recommends Escrow Kenya. September 27, 2019  ·

Escrow kenya is very secure..loved their servive

Kipyego Abel  recommends Escrow Kenya. October 7, 2019  ·

Easy to use and most secure. Love it

Emmy Belleville  recommends Escrow Kenya. October 2, 2019  ·

The best online market in Kenya

Richard Karera  recommends Escrow Kenya. October 31, 2019  ·

This is the best solution for online transactions.

Silvanus Etemere Imbayi  recommends Escrow Kenya. December 29, 2019  ·

Very good for online transactions, it takes care of trust issues between seller and buyer


Escrow Kenya is legit and the safest online money transaction platform. Say no to scammers and only get value for your money by releasing the funds only after you  have received the item you ordered.

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