Helicopter Pilot Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Helicopter Pilot Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Helicopters are one of the flexible rotorcrafts as they can land in any place unlike airplanes which requires an airport to land. Besides, helicopters are very fast thus used during emergencies such as extinguishing hazardous fires, acts as an ambulance, supplies food to starving citizens, among other issues.

Helicopters are mainly flied by Helicopter pilots who transport people and goods, take videos and photographs and collect data. Helicopters are mainly used in a commercial setting thus employment of helicopter pilots.

One of the arising questions is how much do helicopter pilots get paid? A helicopter pilot salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.200,000 per month including all allowances.

Also, the salary can be high for a professional with advanced education level, and work experience. If you are lucky to work with a high end organization then the salary can be higher than the average.

Do helicopter pilots make good money? Yes, helicopter pilots make good money per month since they have very many allowances such as housing allowances, medical allowances, travelling allowances, among other benefits.

Helicopter Pilot Training In Kenya

If you are curious in knowing how much does it cost to train as a helicopter pilot in Kenya then you are in the right place. Helicopter pilot training costs an average of Ksh.6,000,000. This cost caters for both theory and flying lessons that are offered in the aviation schools.

Various institutions in Kenya have specialized in offering aviation training to students to become competent aviation staff in future. Such schools include:

1. Flight training Centre-Nairobi.

2. Nairobi Flight Training Limited.

3. Skylink Flying School.

4. Capital connect Aviation.

5. West Rift Aviation Ltd.

6. Nairobi Aviation College.

7. Kenya Airways Pride Centre


Becoming a helicopter pilot is a dream of many. Enroll today in the aviation schools available near you and watch your dreams come true and enjoy all the benefit packages of being a helicopter pilot.

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