How Do I Check My KPLC Meter Online | Easily Now

How Do I Check My KPLC Meter Online | Easily Now

Invention of technology in the modern world has made work easier for the majority. KPLC Meter can be checked online using various gadgets such as mobile phones at the comfort of your seat.

Maybe you have been wondering how do I know my token meter number without visiting the KPLC Station. Worriless because we got you covered by giving you various procedures.

 You are also in the right place to learn how to check KPLC Meter name regardless of your financial state, physical present position, among others.

Here is the procedure on how to check your KPLC Meter online by using:

1. Email

2. SMS

Method 1: Checking KPLC Meter Online Via Email

This is one of the easiest methods of checking your meter online regardless of your position at the moment.

This can be done using the following procedure:

Step 1: Open a new email message.

Step 2: Type the first part of your account number in the subject field.

Step 3: Email the message to

Step 4: An automatic message will be sent in a short while portraying your meter details.

I hope you have gotten the easiest way of checking your KPLC Meter via email.

Method 2: Checking KPLC Meter Online Via SMS

Incase you run out of bundles or internet connection, KPLC still got you covered by using an SMS.

Here is the procedure that can guide you in checking your KPLC Meter online via SMS:

1. Open your message app.

2. Start a new conversation by typing the first part of your account number in the message field.

3. Send this message to 95551.

4. An automatic message will be sent in a few seconds showing all the details about your KPLC Meter.

This is the most efficient way as one gets information without necessarily having a smartphone.

Finding My Prepaid Meter Number In The Meter Box

Sometimes you can run out of cash and internet connection and the only option left is to check out the KPLC Meter using your meter box. We also have the solution to cater for this circumstance.

There are several types of KPLC meters with different procedures of checking the prepaid meter number.

Let’s get started on how do I find my prepaid meter number using your meter box based on different types of KPLC Meters:

For ACTARIS Meter Box: Dial 100 and press the enter key.

For HEXING Meter Box: Dial 804 and then press the # or enter key.

For SHENZEN Meter Box: Dial 65 and press the enter key.

For CONLOG Meter Box: Dial #100 and then press enter.

The prepaid meter number will successfully be displayed on the screen in a few seconds.

Hope you have learnt the easy way to check your meter number.

Checking KPLC Meter Registration Details

You may also desire to check your KPLC meter registration details.

KPLC meter registration details can be done from any place using your gadget.

The following procedure shows how to check KPLC Registration Details via SMS:

Step 1: Go to your message app.

Step 2: Start a new message by typing the account number of the meter that you want to verify its registration details.

Step 3: Send the message to 97771.

Step 4: A message will be sent in a short while showing all the details and the bills.

This message is charged at an affordable fee of Ksh.5.


To summarize, checking KPLC meter online has made work easier since time is well managed as one does not have to queue at the KPLC Station for services.

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