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For sports, entertainment, music, movies, business, kids, news, and drama, Gotv has got you covered. Ever since the advancement from digital to analogue, Gotv has been among the best decoders to provide all sources of entertainment and so on. Gotv, however, has a lot of different packages to suit the clients’ preferences.

You may want to be in a position of at least owning a Gotv but unsure of prices of packages and so on. If that is the real case, then worry less because before this article ends, you will be able to have the full knowledge on the same. 

The prices of Gotv packages in Kenya range from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 1,500. 

Gotv subscription costs in Kenya vary widely depending on the packages. In simple terms, there is no fixed price for subscriptions.

Gotv Max Price in Kenya

Gotv Max is considered the most expensive package amongst all other packages. It offers about 50 channels on average. The max package is preferred by a variety of people since it gets you covered in different genres.

The price of Gotv Max package in Kenya is an average of Ksh. 1150.

Gotv Plus Package Price in Kenya

The Gotv Plus package gives you an opportunity to view about 40 plus channels. The channels include four sports channels, three movie channels and 33 other genre channels.

The cost of Gotv Plus package in Kenya is typically about Ksh. 870.

Gotv Value Package Price in Kenya

The Gotv Value package is among the most affordable packages on Gotv. This type of package is preferred to suit the needs of those with tight budgets. The Gotv value package comes with about 30 plus channels.

The Gotv Value package costs an average of Ksh. 510 per month.

Gotv Lite Price in Kenya

Gotv lite is among the most commonly used packages. This is because the package is very affordable for anyone. The package can be paid either annually, monthly, or even quarterly, depending on the ability of the user. The package comes with an average of about 20 channels.

How much is Gotv Lite in Kenya may be your question. Annually, you can pay an average price of Ksh. 1,525, quarterly an average of Ksh. 610, and a monthly average of Ksh. 255. So the choice is yours. 

There are a lot of Gotv lite channels in Kenya, including Inooro, Telemundo, E entertainment, KBC, Islam channel, and Super Sport Blitz, among others. 


That was a brief overview of Gotv prices, channels, and packages. It is essential to know about Gotv packages and prices before buying the decoder or making the relevant payments. The knowledge will help you get the best of what you are looking for. Since you have all the required knowledge, then what are you waiting for? Get the packages as early as now and enjoy the fun.

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