How Much is Harrier Car in Kenya | Amazing Key Specifications

If you have ever thought of owning a luxurious and comfortable vehicle, you should consider buying a harrier. The vehicle has an interior that is designed to provide comfortability according to the user’s preference.

Key Specifications of Harrier Car

  • The vehicle has a maximum power of 125kw @3750rpm
  • Has a capacity of 1956cc in line 4 cylinders.
  • Maximum torque of 350Nm @ 1750_2500.
  • It is fuel-saving: the vehicle consumes a sensible amount of fuel per kilometer.

These are some of the vehicle’s specifications that make it stunning.

Perhaps you want to know how much a Harrier car costs in Kenya.

The price of Harrier car in Kenya ranges between Ksh. 700,000 and Ksh.6,000,000 on average. 

The price of the new Harrier model in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 4,800,000 to Ksh. 5,600,000.

Second Hand Harrier Car Price

At times, you may not have enough money to buy a brand new Harrier model. Instead, you can consider the alternative of owning a used harrier.

The price of a used harrier in Kenya can be from as low as Ksh.700,000. The price varies depending on the condition of the car, or the where you are buying it from. 

Harrier Old Model Price

Old is normally considered “gold.” A variety of people would rather choose an old model vehicle than a new model.

The price of Harrier old model in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 3,700,000 to Ksh. 4,000,000 on average basis.

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