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Electricity has now taken over the world. Unlike in the past, when power wasn’t as important, every organization, as well as businesses and homes, now uses electricity for a variety of purposes. Kenya Power is in charge of power supply.

Kenya power is responsible for ensuring that there is enough power supply in various areas without shortages at all times. In order to have a power supply, you must first have a meter. The meter will read the values based on how much electricity you are using.

Now let us get to the main question. That is how much the KPLC token meter costs.

The cost of KPLC token meter ranges from Ksh.4,000 to about Ksh.5,000. This is the current price of a KPLC meter machine in Kenya.

KPLC Token Prices

KPLC token prices vary a lot. In the case of domestic users, a purchase of 10 tokens may be conducted. Here, you will have to pay about Ksh.12 per unit and an average of Ksh.15 to Ksh.16 for more than 10 units. That is how much a KPLC token costs in Kenya.

It is very important for you to know the KPLC token prices in Kenya before making a purchase. This will help in terms of buying the required amount that can suite you without a shortage or extra.  

How KPLC Token Meter Works

After purchasing the tokens, you input the codes sent by Kenya Power. The token amount will be read on the display after a customer has purchased KPLC tokens. The more electricity is used, the more the given power is deducted.

This is how the KPLC token meter works.

KPLC meter replacement can be done by KPLC agents responsible for that field. The replacement can be done if there is an issue with your meter, among other factors. 

Kenya power connection fee costs about Ksh. 15,000 from the initial value of Ksh. 35,000. 

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