How to Apply for a Green Card in Kenya to Canada

Canada is an amazing country known for its diverse culture, wildlife serenity, job opportunities, cool environment, and democracy. Kenyans have many opportunities in Canada, and an added benefit is that there is no discrimination, as people are treated equally regardless of their gender, race, religion, or other characteristics.

Do you want to permanently live in Canada? I’ll show you how to apply for a green card in Kenya to Canada that will work well for you:

  1. Acquire an invitation to apply through Express Entry, which gives Kenyans permanent residence in Canada.
  2. You can apply through the provincial Nominee program, where you will settle in the nominated Canadian provinces offering employment skills.
  3. You can study in Canada and get a post-graduate work permit that will give you a chance to live there permanently.
  4. Apply for a job offer through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, where you will be given an automatic green card to Canada.

Using these ways, you will be able to get a green card for Canada.

Canadian Visa Application Requirements

You may also want to know the Canadian visa requirements for Kenyan citizens, which are:

  1. Kenya’s passport.
  2. Duly filled out Visa Application Form.
  3. Well filled out family information according to form 5645.
  4. Traveling history.
  5. Your passport photo.
  6. Your identity card or birth certificate.

These are some of the Canadian visa application requirements.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is the Canadian Embassy in Kenya open?

Yes, the Canadian Embassy in Kenya is open and operates from Monday to Saturday within a given time limit.

Where is Canada’s embassy in Kenya?

The Canadian embassy in Kenya is located in Starehe, Nairobi Central Limuru, in Nairobi.


Canada is the best place for you to stay, as it has very many advantages that come along with it. Besides, one is able to acquire financial freedom easily due to the high currency state in Canada. You can as well visit the Canadian embassy in Kenya’s website, where you will get a lot of details based on your inquiries about Canada.

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