How to Apply for a Green Card in Kenya to USA | Solved!

Many Kenyans aspire to live in the United States of America (USA). This is due to the United States’ fascinating history of providing good employment opportunities for citizens regardless of their country of origin. Also, its strong currency makes it even more compelling.

Do you want to know how to apply for a US green card in Kenya but you have no idea where to begin? Well, I’ve got you covered because I’m going to show you a variety of details that will assist you in winning the green card lottery.

Without further ado, let us get started on how to apply for a green card in Kenya for the USA:

  1. Equip yourself with the requirements such as passport-size photos, birth certificate or identity card and submit your entry electronically through the Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery Website.
  2. Prove that you have undergone a 12-year series of primary and secondary education.
  3. If you are a working class, then you have to prove two years of working experience as a qualified professional.
  4. Create an account on the eFNS portal.
  5. Fill in the USA green card application form online.
  6. Upload the required documents.
  7. Pay the green card application fees.
  8. Make an appointment for background checks and other interviews.
  9. Attend the appointment on that very specific date as stated.
  10. Payment of the USA green card processing fees.
  11. A notification will be sent to you in your eFNS portal account showing you the progress of your USA green card.
  12. Pick up your USA green card when it’s due.

This is how to apply for a US green card in Kenya.


I hope you have gotten an idea of how to apply for a green card in the USA with ease. Get yourself a green card to the USA today and win a chance to live permanently in your dream country. Remember, the USA serves all people with equality and profits.

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