How To Buy Faiba Airtime From Mpesa | With New Offer

How To Buy Faiba Airtime From Mpesa | With New Offer

Faiba is wireless internet connection that allows you to browse anytime anywhere, and is owned by Jamii telecom.

While faiba airtime is a limited purchase that can be converted to bundle, to allow you access the internet connection.

You don’t have to worry how you can purchase the faiba airtime anymore. I have a complete guide for you.

Buy Faiba Airtime From Mpesa

Here is a simple procedure of how to buy Faiba airtime from Mpesa.

Step 1. Gain access to your Sim Tool Kit

Step 2. Go to your Mpesa menu

Step 3. Select Lipa na Mpesa

Step 4. Go to pay bill

Step 5. Enter the Jamii Telecom business Number 776611

Step 6. Enter your account number which is your Faiba 4G mobile number.

Step 7. Enter the amount desired for the purchase

Step 8. Enter your Mpesa PIN (secret number)

Step 9. Allow message to send

Step 10. Within 25 seconds of sending, you can confirm the purchase or cancel the transaction.

Step 11. Wait for a confirmation message of the purchase of the airtime and an Mpesa balance showing the deductions.

Buy Faiba Bundles Via Mpesa

Faiba bundles can be purchased directly from Mpesa.

Maybe you are wondering how to buy faiba bundles via Mpesa follow these two simple methods:

  • Using USSD Code
  • Using Faiba App

a. Buy Fauba Bundles Using USSD Code

Step 1. Dial *111#

Step 2. Select option 1

Step 3. Select wisely suitable and affordable bundles. The bundles comes with daily, weekly and monthly validity period.

Step 4. Select mode of payment ‘Mpesa’

Step 5. Enter your secret pin

Step 6. Confirm the purchase and send

Step 7. Wait for a message showing the success of the purchase and transaction record.

b. Buy Faiba Bundles Using Faiba App

Step 1. Download the faiba app from google play store

Step 2. Select from the data bundles available and purchase

Step 3. Enter the Mpesa pin

Step 4. Review the purchase and allow to send

Step 5. Wait for a confirmation of a successful purchase and an Mpesa transaction message.

Faiba Bundles Choices To buy

Some of the available data bundles provided include;

1GB- Ksh. 50 daily

8GB-Ksh. 300 weekly

15GB-Ksh. 500 weekly

25GB- Ksh. 1,000 monthly

40GB- Ksh. 2,000 monthly

70GB-Ksh. 3,000 monthly

120GB – Ksh. 4,000 monthly

210GB- Ksh. 6,000 monthly

Kifaru mobile plans: 30GB-1,500 monthly (200 off-net minutes, 200 off-net SMS)

Ndovu mobile plans: 60GB- Ksh. 2,500 monthly (350 off-net minutes, 500 off-net SMS)

Simba mobile plans: 90GB-Ksh. 4,000 monthly (700 off-net minutes, 700 off-net SMS)

Fisi hour Unlimited Plans-Ksh. 150 1 hour


With all the provided information, I hope this article helps you answer your questions on; how to buy Faiba airtime from Mpesa and how to buy faiba bundles via Mpesa. Ensure you are accurate when feeding in the required details to avoid inconveniences.

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