How To Buy From Alibaba From Kenya Easily | Genuine Goods

How To Buy From Alibaba From Kenya Easily | Genuine Goods

Alibaba is a very big online shop well known everywhere. Among the online shops that provide the most quality services is Alibaba.

Alibaba has products like; furniture, home appliances, jewelry, electronics, furniture and pets among other products.

In most cases, Alibaba gives you a chance to buy goods in bulk.

However, when you want a single commodity, you can negotiate with the supplier and they can sell the commodity to you.

Besides, the platform offers flexible payment method. So of you are you looking for how to pay Alibaba in Kenya. Well, there are different ways of paying including lipa na Mpesa, credit card etc.

Today you will be able to know how to buy from Alibaba from Kenya.

This Is How To Buy On Alibaba

Heare some simple steps on how to buy on Alibaba;

Step 1: Create a free Alibaba Kenya account

Step 2: Search for the product you would like to purchase

Step 3: Compare sellers prices and quality

Step 4: Buy the goods or negotiate if you would like to

Step 5: Place an order

Step 6: Enter your shipping address

(If you will use an agent to receive the goods on your behalf, enter the agent shipping address, more about shipping address and agents will be discussed below)

Step 7: Pay and wait for delivery

Step 8: Receive the goods

Alibaba Kenya Shipping Address

Shipping address is the address in which the good would be sent.

Most often, because of a lot of customs such as taxes and duties, most Kenyan importers use the address of shipping agents.

Shipping agents in Kenya are the once who can collect your goods easily from Alibaba and deliver to you here in Kenya.

For instance, the origin of Alibaba goods is China. So, having a shipping agent who has a presence in Kenya as well as in China makes your importation very easy.

These agents can ship your goods by air or sea as you prefer.

You only need to visit the website and get the shipping address.

Some popular shipping agents from whom you can use their shipping address and receive your goods in Kenya include:

1. Salihiya Cargo

2. DHL

3. EMS

These agents can be viewed as Alibaba offices in Kenya since they easily link you to the platform and deliver your goods.

Besides, they companies can be helpful as Alibaba Kenya customer care number is provided on website or visit the agent in Kenya.

Brief Overview Of Alibaba Products

Alibaba Kenya website has enabled millions of Kenyans to be able to purchase goods easily.

The website has been of great importance to many buyers.

Alibaba Kenya Phones

Alibaba Kenya phones are of high quality and are durable.

Alibaba sells a variety of phones from the cheapest to the highest price.

The phones are original and a receipt is issued to evidence the purchase.

Alibaba Kenya Electronics

Alibaba Kenya electronics are among the best electronics.

Many wholesalers have had an advantage of receiving the electronics in bulk and later on selling them with profits.

The electronics are however original and long lasting.

Alibaba Kenya Shoes

Alibaba Kenya shoes are sold with different prices, sizes and quality.

For instance, you can get shoes of any make that you may prefer.

Alibaba also offers children shoes, male and female shoes among others.

Alibaba Kenya Furniture

Alibaba Kenya Furniture has made many houses look awesome.

Alibaba has the hottest furniture deals that can not be compared with others.

If you want your house to look good with furniture then let Alibaba be your solution.

Let me hope that this article has helped you get the answers to your questions.

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