How To Buy Hourly Bundles With New Free Offers

How To Buy Hourly Bundles With New Free Offers

Hourly bundles are only profitable within the first one hour from time of purchase. Communication networks in Kenya offers better deals with hourly bundles.

Most of the times, hourly bundles come in larger quantities at relatively lesser prices.

Maybe you are interested in knowing how to buy hourly bundles. This article provides you with solutions on how you can buy hourly bundled in two ways:

Method 1: Buy Blaze Hourly Bundles

Step 1. *555#

Step 2. Go to POWER HOUR Bundle

Step 3. Purchase 150MBs at only Ksh. 19

Step 4. Select if the purchase will be bought from your airtime or your Mpesa.

Step 5. Confirm details and send

Step 6. Wait for a message confirming the purchase

Remember; Blaze is only available to subscribers aged 26 years and below.

Method 2: Buy Tunukiwa Hourly Bundles

Step 1. Dial *444# or *544#

Step 2. Go to Tunikiwa internet and choose option 3.

Step 3.  Select hourly bundles from the given options (Option 2).  ie 1 GB for only Ksh. 20

Step 4. Choose whether you’ll pay using airtime or via Mpesa. If you are using your Mpesa, enter the required details and send

Step 5. Confirm details and allow the transaction to occur

Step 6. Wait for a confirmation message

Once the bundles have been purchased to a specific number, they can not be transferred to other numbers. Ensure that the bundles purchased are maximally utilized, to avoid wastage.

Once the expiry time has elapsed, any unused balance, is nullified. You will therefore be required to recharge your line to enjoy more services.

I hope by now you know how to buy hourly bundles. You can now enjoy lamb some bundles at relatively cheaper prices. Hourly bundles can be suitable for timely internet connections such as zoom meetings, Class sessions, browsing among others. Enjoy connections to your family and friends anytime of the day.

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