How To Buy Night Bundles | Airtel, Safaricom, Telkom Now

How To Buy Night Bundles | Airtel, Safaricom, Telkom Now

Night bundles are free bundles offers that are given by the Kenya’s telecommunication networks.

The night bundles can be given as free give aways or they can accompany some bundle purchases.

They are more of offers are they are more affordable than normal data bundles.

I know you may be curious to know how to buy night bundles? You can purchase night bundles from either Safaricom, Airtel or Telcom which I will show you here.

Safaricom Night Bundles

Safaricom offers you with Zidisha Plus Data Bundle you can enjoy as listed below.

This is how to buy Safaricom night bundles:

Step 1. Dial *485#

Step 2. Select ‘Zidisha Plus’

Step 3. Select the ‘Buy Bundles’

Step 4. Enter the mobile number you intend to buy for

Step 5. Select data bundle type.

Step 6. Choose from the data bundles available.

Step 7. Select ‘Buy using Mpesa’ or ‘Buy from airtime’

Step 8. Enter your service pin. If you do not have an active pin, press ‘0’ ( An option to create service pin)

Step 8. Review the details within 25 seconds and allow sms to send

Step 9. Wait for a confirmation sms

Telkom Night Bundles

Telcom communication network offers you one of the best night bundles, you can enjoy.

Here are steps on how to buy Telkom night bundles:

Step 1. Dial *544# USSD code

Step 2. Go to ‘Buy Bundles’

Step 3.  Select from the given options, the most suitable bundle according to your affordability

Step 4. You can buy from your airtime or directly from your Telkom mobile money

Step 5. Verify the details then send.

Step 6. Wait for a confirmation message concerning the purchase.

Some of the available options include;

1. 700MB and 2GB night data- Ksh. 50 daily

2. 700+ 700night bundles- Ksh. 60 daily

3. 2gb+2gbnight bundles- Ksh. 100 daily

4. Stay awake 5gb bundles- Ksh. 50 from 10:pm to 6:00 am (Night Owl Budles)

5. Mzito combo 3GB + 100 Minutes + Night Data – Ksh. 499

You can check the your data balance by dialing *131#

Airtel Night Bundles

This is how to buy airtel night bundles:

Step 1. Dial *544*39#

Step 2. Make payment from your airtime and send.

Step 3. Wait for a confirmation message in a shot while. (You will receive night bundles worth 3GB data bundle for only Ksh. 39)


Are you having long and sleepless nights, or perhaps got some tasks to do at night? Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom communication networks offer you free night bundles to keep you browsing. The night bundles are also suitable for students and business people. Its my hope that you acquire the right guidelines on how to buy night bundles through this article.

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