How To Buy Orange Airtime From Mpesa With New Offer

How To Buy Orange Airtime From Mpesa With New Offer

Orange is a communication network, that allows you to connect to the world around you. Orange airtime can be used to purchase data for browsing or talk time minutes.

 Just follow either of the following two methods on how to buy Orange airtime from Mpesa:

Method 1: Buy Orange Airtime Using Paybill

Step 1. Access the sim tool kit on your phone

Step 2. Go to Mpesa

Step 3. Select Lipa Na Mpeasa

Step 4. Go to pay bill number and enter 220220

Step 6. For business number, enter your Orange phone number starting with initials ORNGO immediately followed by your orange number without leaving any spaces

Step 7. Enter the amount to be bought

Step 8. Enter your Mpesa pin

Step 9. Verify the details and then allow the transaction to go through

Step 9. Wait for a message confirming the purchase

Method 2: Buy Orange Airtime Using USSD Code

Alternatively, you can directly purchase the Orange airtime using the Orange USSD code.

 Step 1. Dial *145#

Step 2. Select option 3, among the options available (‘Mobile top up’).

Step 3. Enter amount to be purchased

Step 4. Enter your secret pin

Step 6. Verify the details and allow the transaction to go through

Step 7. Wait for a confirmation message.

Buying Orange Airtime Tips

Orange network allows you to purchase airtime from your Mpesa at absolutely no charges. Always remember your Mpesa pin is your secret number. Do not share your pin with anyone to avoid inconveniences.

Orange network offers you with better talk time deals. Enjoy prolonged conversations at cheaper prices, especially with orange – Orange networks.

You can also by airtime or talk time minutes for other Orange lines, as long as you have the recipient’s number.

Don’t fail to connect with family and friends, just because you don’t know how to buy Orange airtime from Mpesa. This article provides a perfect guiding platform. Students and business people can also be beneficiaries of talk time and data bundles form Orange.

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