How To Buy Prepaid Tokens Via Mpesa With More Units Now

How To Buy Prepaid Tokens Via Mpesa | Get More Units Now

Tokens are units given to activate electric power for domestic use at a given measure.

Therefore, prepaid tokens are strictly issued after payment has been made to the relevant pay bill number. Tokens are limited to the amount of money in place.

The Kenya Power and Lighting Company is the only power company in Kenya with the mandate to supply electricity.

Due to the latest changes by the KPLC company, no third party agent is authorised to offer prepaid or postpaid customers any services.

Here is how you buy prepaid tokens via Mpesa using the new KPLC approved channel:

Buy Tokens Using KPLC Tokens Paybill Number.

Here is how you buy tokens using the new approved KPLC method. Prepaid customers should follow the below procedure:

1. Access your sim tool kit on your mobile phone.

2. Go to your Mpesa menu.

3. Go to Lipa Na Mpesa and select “Pay Bill.”

4. Enter the business number as: 888880.

5. Enter the account number, which is the meter number. (Normally, the meter number has 11 digits.)

6. Enter the amount you would like to spend on the tokens.

7. Enter your Mpesa pin, then press ‘OK’.

If you are not sure about the purchase, you can cancel the transaction within 25 seconds.

Wait for a confirmation message from KPLC confirming the purchase. KPLC will send a message with token details.

You will also receive an Mpesa balance confirming the deduction.

How KPLC Tokens Work

Kenya Power and Lighting Company provides you with specific units and a token number. Key in the digits in your meter gadget to activate the power.

The units provided are portioned according to the amount of money specified.

Usually, tokens are delivered immediately after purchase. However, once in a while, the system may incur delays due to technical issues or KPLC renovations.

Please Note:

Beware of fraudsters. Only use the KPLC approved Pay Bill Number: 888880.

Always pay attention when keying in the token number and the meter number to minimize on mistakes that can be avoided.

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