How To Buy Safaricom Airtime From Mpesa Easily

How To Buy Safaricom Airtime From Mpesa Easily

Airtime is a key requirement of effective communication between individuals in different locations. Safaricom airtimes are affordable and cab be bought either as hard scratch cards of through mobile soft money.

Besides, Safaricom can be used as a common ground to receive and send text messages or make direct calls.

Safaricom Airtime can be bought directly from your Mpesa account. However, communication can be limited based on how much airtime is loaded in your mobile phone.

Buy Safaricom Airtime From Mpesa

Are you wondering on how to buy Safaricom airtime from Mpesa? Here are two simple and elaborate methods on how you can buy Safaricom airtime from Mpesa:

Method 1

Step i: Go to ‘sim toolkit’ on your mobile phone.

Step ii: Select ‘services’ and go to ‘Safaricom’.

Step iii: Access ‘Mpesa’ and select ‘Buy airtime’.

Step iv: Choose where the airtime should be deposited. Either ‘My phone’ or ‘Other phone’.

Step v: Indicate the amount that should be deducted from your Mpesa account and send.

Step vi: Enter your Mpesa PIN number and send.

Step vii: You will receive a notification from Safaricom in a short while, of the success of the purchase.

That’s it, simple process isn’t it?

Method 2

Alternatively, you can Buy Safaricom airtime from Mpesa using another formula

Step 1. You can go straight to the USSD Code of *544# or *444#

Step 2. The Codes leads you to choose different talk times packages you can afford.

Step 3. Select the best talk time package suitable and affordable to you

Step 3. Go to Mpesa

Step 4. Confirm the total amount to be deducted and send.

Step 5. Confirm whether you are buying for ‘My phone number’ or ‘Other number’

Step 6. Enter your Mpesa Pin number and send

Step 7. Wait for an Mpesa reply, confirming Mpesa balance and a second message from Safaricom delivering the purchase.

You now have your Safaricom airtime loaded.

Must Know About Safaricom Airtime

From your Mpesa, you can purchase as much airtime as you can afford, depending on your need. Be it for communication purposes or browsing, enjoy the options provided to your satisfaction.

Safaricom guarantees you free charges on transaction fee upon airtime purchase from Safaricom on your Mpesa account.

Safaricom airtime is designed wirelessly to connect you to your loved ones anywhere anytime.

You can always keep in touch with friends, families among other categories of people, with Safaricom airtime around the world.

The good to you is that, you can purchase Safaricom airtime any other contact other than your own.

Communication can only be effective once a Safaricom line has been recharged.

I believe this article is informative enough to provide you with appropriate answers on how to buy Safaricom airtime from Mpesa.

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