How To Get A Sponsor For School Fees Easily

Get A Sponsor For School Fees Easily

If you’re looking for a sponsor, you’re in luck since I working tips on how to get sponsor for school fees in Kenya easily and fully funded with examples of sponsors you can approach.

Corporates, governments, non-governmental organizations, and individuals have all contributed to education sponsorship in recent years.

Sponsorship is one of the  best way to get help with school fees. Other than the government, you can also find private sponsor for education in Kenya.

6 Tips To Secure Sponsorship In Kenya

These are the key tips to use in order to secure the best sponsor fast.

1. Search For Sponsorship Opportunities

The media can provide information about current sponsorship possibilities (digital and print). Additionally, you may sign up for email updates from the scholarship organizations.

The Ministry of Education is one site that keeps you up to date on available scholarships. If you’re searching for a High School sponsor, start looking as soon as students are accepted to create one.

If you need university sponsorship, you may always go to your institution’s financial assistance office. A list of popular education sponsors in Kenya may be found here.

2. Identify Your Potential Sponsor

Make a list of sponsors who provide what you require, such as high school scholarships. Then do some research on each firm to learn more about their admissions standards and procedures.

You will be able to acquaint yourself with the organization’s program by conducting a background check. You may also tailor your application letter to match the sponsors’ objectives.

3. Find Key Information About The Sponsor

Check the application deadline after reading through all of the terms and conditions. Some sponsorship opportunities may need you to have particular documentation, such as letters of recommendation.

Now is the time to start thinking about your application. Set goals for yourself. You might claim, for example, that I will have all of the required paperwork two weeks before to the deadline.

4. Fill Your Form

You’ll note that most scholarship applications want you to describe why you need the award. While financial hardship may be the most common reason, do not be hesitant to include your accomplishments and goals while applying.

Mention any previous honors or leadership positions you’ve had. Remember that owing to the large number of applications, only the best and most needy students will be selected.

5. Explain Yourself Well In Your Application

How does you goal align with that of your potential sponsor?

If the sponsor asks you to write not more than 300 words, do not exceed. You can find creative ways to capture all you need to say. Also, keep in mind the instructions about the format.

The sponsor first gets to know you better through your application letter. Therefore, be as creative and unique as you can. Avoid rewriting other letters you may find on the internet. Instead, use them as a benchmark.

Cite specific examples, for example, if you have to explain a situation where you demonstrated leadership, give as much detail as you can.

Have the right referees. Your referees will speak on your character, achievements, and situation. You can ask your teacher, community leaders or religious leader to write you a recommendation letter.

6. Proofread your work and adjust accordingly.

Reread you application form an ensure all sections have been filled properly. Correct any grammatical errors is any.

Popular Sponsors For School Fees In Kenya

Whether you are looking for high school sponsor, primary, college or university level, the following are some sponsors to give a try:

a. High School And Primary School Sponsors

These as some of the willing education sponsors in Kenya:

1. Equity Group Foundation Wings to Fly Program

2. KCB Foundation

3. KENGEN Foundation Scholarships

4. The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation

b. University Or College Sponsors

You can also find a sponsor online and get sponsorship for school fees by sending your application to:

  • Internal sponsorship from universities
  • East African Breweries Limited Foundation
  • McKinney Rogers Foundation
  • European Union Scholarships
  • Rattansi Education Fund
  • Aga Khan Foundation
  • Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Fund
  • Ministry of Education Scholarships
  • Higher Education Loans Board
  • DAAD Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships
  • The Rhode Scholarships of Kenya
  • Work Study Programs

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