How To Get Loan From Mshwari Easily & Faster Now

Mshwari in Kenya offers loans to its members after saving some cash in it. The maximum loan limit for Mshwari is Ksh. 50,000, which is a good amount of money. Besides, you must have been an active Mpesa user for a minimum of at least six months.

You may want a loan to cater for your emergencies, education, clothing, business, among others. Mshwari is always a good choice when it comes to loans due to their low interest charges making it affordable to a common mwanainchi.

Perhaps you are stuck on how to take a loan from Mshwari. Do not get worried as I’ve got you covered as this article is highly meant for you.

Steps on How to Get Loan From Mshwari

This is how you get your loan with the help of your mobile phone.

  1. Go to your Sim toolkit menu.
  2. Click Mpesa.
  3. Select loans and savings.
  4. Click Mshwari and press Activate if you did not activate.
  5. Press request for loans.
  6. Enter the amount of loan you want.
  7. Enter your Mpesa pin.
  8. Accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Your loan will be sent to your Mpesa where you will be able to withdraw it.

I hope you have got an idea on how you can get a loan from Mshwari.

How to Know Mshwari Loan Limit

You may also want to know how to get Mshwari limit in the comfort of your seat:

  1. Press *234*1# from your Safaricom line.
  2. Reply with 1 for Mshwari.
  3. Select option 3 for the loan limit request.
  4. Strictly follow the instructions given.
  5. An automatic message will be sent to you showing your Mshwari limit.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to get your Mshwari loan limit with ease.

You may be interested in knowing how to pay Mshwari loan for another number. Mshwari does not offer a direct method for paying loans for another number. Therefore, you can first give the person the money, and then they can proceed with the loan payment process.

How to Repay Mshwari Loan

The following is a simple process on how to repay back the Mshwari Loan:

  1. Go to the Mpesa Menu.
  2. Select Mshwari.
  3. Select loans and savings.
  4. Choose the pay loan option.
  5. Enter the amount.
  6. Enter your Mpesa pin.
  7. The loan will be automatically deducted.
  8. A confirmation message will be sent to you.

This is how easily you can repay your loan without complications.

Are you wondering why your Mshwari limit is zero? It will be zero when you have had an outstanding debt for more than 90 days or when you have not activated your Mshwari by registration.


In conclusion, Mshwari has saved lots of lives in Kenya by offering loans in an easy and affordable manner. It is highly appreciated due to its low interest charges. Remember, you have a period of 30 days to repay it back.

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