How to Make 2,000 Daily in Kenya | 20 Astonishing Ideas

Getting richer does not necessarily mean that you should earn millions of dollars per day, but instead the little cash earned can be saved and invested in, meaning it is a long-term process. Based on the unemployment rate in the country due to saturated markets, making 2,000 daily in Kenya is considered better off than having nothing at all. 

Do you want to make 2,000 daily in Kenya? If yes, then you have landed yourself in a lottery world because I am going to show you different things you can engage yourself in and make money.

Here are 20 ideas that can help you out with how to make 2,000 daily in Kenya:

  1. Starting a Cyber Café

Computer services are in demand in the current century due to almost everything being done online. Offering cyber services to people will make you earn 2,000 daily and even more during peak days.

  1. Selling Mitumba

You can make Ksh. 2,000 daily by selling mitumba in your residential area. You do not necessarily need to have big bales for you to start this business. Instead, you can start selling a few mitumba clothes, earning you money.

  1. Writing Articles

There are many websites in Kenya offering article writing employment to people. Besides, article writing does not require any certification. As long as you know how to read and write, you are good to make money.

  1. A Fruit Vending Business

Strategic location is key in this business as it determines the number of customers at your door step. This business is the best as it will earn you Ksh. 2,000 daily.

  1. Starting a Kiosk

Your residential area is one of the places you can start a kiosk. Besides, you can also start a kiosk in a busy place. A kiosk business is a fast-moving business that earns you profits.

  1. Car Wash Business

Due to the many vehicles in the country, a demand niche for car washes has been created, making it a lucrative venture that earns you more than 2,000 daily.

  1. Virtual Assistant

Perhaps you are good at working from home by receiving calls, mail, and rescheduling meetings, among others. You can give this option a try as it will make you earn 2,000 daily for simple tasks given.

  1. Conducting Online Surveying

This is another way that can make you make Ksh. 2,000 daily in Kenya without straining. Your job is simply to join online survey platforms in fields where you can work well and give reviews that are solid and concrete.

  1. Sell Your Items on Jiji

One thing about Jiji is that it does not necessarily have to be a new item. Second-hand items are also sold online, and your task is to deliver the items. This will earn you 2,000 daily.

  1. Do Blogging

All you need is a website with a domain name and web hosting server space. Besides, install WordPress and start working as a blogger by writing articles of your choice.

  1. Selling Your Books on Amazon

If you are a creative writer, then this is the best venture you can try out. After writing, put a creative cover on it and upload it to Amazon Kindle, where you will be selling your books. Once you get customers you will be making 2,000 daily.

  1. Kibanda Business

Having a loaded stock of groceries, fruits, and other cooking items in your Kibanda means you are good to go. Ensure you are located in an ideal place so as to have many customers. It is a fast-moving business that will help you make 2,000 daily.

  1. Academic Writing

This is paid per page depending on the website you are working for. Besides, it is also a very simple academic topic that you write about. Ensure that you sharpen your writing skills to become more creative and marketable.

  1. Photography

Photoshoots in Kenya are now on the rise. People love quality edited photos of them, especially youths. All you need is a camera and editing skills, and you will start making 2,000 daily.

  1. Food Delivery Services

Delivering food in offices, schools, and other places is also a lucrative venture. Sometimes you get orders for door-to-door deliveries, earning you more income on a daily basis.

  1. Betting

This is simply gambling. Betting on football matches, especially at small odds, will make you earn at least 2,000 a day. This is always the easiest way to make money from the comfort of your seat.

  1. Renting a Room on Airbnb

Airbnb is a platform where travelers look for rooms to stay, especially short-term travelers. If you have a spare room in your home, then try out this opportunity. You will make 2,000 daily easily as there are many travelers.

  1. Language Translation

Due to foreigners doing business in Kenya yet they do not understand the languages spoken, there is a high demand for language translators in Kenya. With this, you need to equip yourself with various languages and also be s fluent speaker in order to nail this opportunity.

  1. Become An Online Consultant

Offering coaching services in areas that you thrive in will help you make 2,000 daily. Ensure you are connected to the internet in order to have your online coaching work perfectly.

  1. Become a Ghost Writer

Maybe you are talented at writing creative content that is fascinating. Then here is an opportunity for you. Your job is to write your content and sell it to celebrities and authors, making you earn money on a daily basis.

Based on your taste and preferences, I believe you are now in a better position to make 2,000 daily.


Once you start a business, ensure you invest your time and money in it so as to expand it and improve your earnings. Besides, it helps in creating employment opportunities for other Kenyans too.

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