How To Pay School Fees Using GT Bank

Pay School Fees Using GT Bank

You may be new and looking for how to pay school fees using GT Bank, know that you are in the right place as I have provided a step by step guide just for you.

GT Bank uses SchoolPay services to allow secure, transparent and quick way of paying school fees in real time.

SchoolPay is an online community for students and schools, with features designed to improve student academic performance and intellectual capabilities through assessments and E-learning modules in addition to providing simple, easy and stress free options for school fees and other related payments.

This platform is accessible to all users – students, sponsors and schools from any internet connected device. 

Easy Steps To Pay School Fees Using GT Bank

Step 1

Visit and select LipaNaGTBank

Step 2

i. For Existing students, enter your admission number and click validate

ii. For new students, enter your reference number and click Validate

iii. For new applicants, Enter ID NO.or Passport number

Step 3

Enter your unique M-Pesa code.

Step 4

Select reason for payment e.g. Admission, Tuition.

Step 5

Enter phone number and/or email address of student/parent/Guardian to receive payment confirmation.

Step 6

Click submit to automatically update your fees account

Step 7

Confirm your payment by checking your statement through the student portal

Benefit Of Using GT Bank To Pay School Fees

Access to accounts electronically through internet banking

All fees payments are credited to the account

Statement of account are provided as required and emailed to authorized persons

Interest is paid on credit balances in the account at GTBank’s prevailing interest rate on call accounts

Parents have access to their payment records/history.

Students have access to e-learning  and assessment facilities

Combo-student ID card requests with payment capabilities (chip and pin customized identification cards ) 


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