How To Start A Butchery Business In Kenya & Succeed Easily

How To Start A Butchery Business In Kenya & Succeed Easily

Starting a butchery business in Kenya is one of the best business ideas that has brought more good to the society at large. Many people like meat thus making butchery business more marketable than any other business.

Besides, butchery business creates an employment opportunity for many people therefore reducing unemployment rate in the country.

Butchery designs in Kenya are always unique and specified only for butcheries for easy location by the customers.

Without further ado, let me show you how to start a butchery business in Kenya:

1.Have capital for the start up.

2.Write down a butchery business plan in Kenya.

3.Locate a strategic place that targets many customers.

4.Find yourself a butchery  license in Kenya and other related  permits.

5.Rent a space.

6.Hire people who will help you run your butchery.

7.Find a trusted meat supplier.

8..Buy the necessary items such as meat,fridge,among others.

Ensure your butchery business plan Kenya is tactical as this is the key for a successful butchery business.

Perhaps you are wondering how much do I need to start a butchery in Kenya. You need a minimum of Ksh.50,000 to start your butchery business in Kenya. This will cater for a lot of things for the start.

Profitability Of Butchery Business In Kenya

So, how profitable is a butchery business in Kenya? Butchery Business is highly profitable since they work in a “buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price” thus earning a higher percentage of profits.

Equipment Needed To Start A Butchery

Variety of things are needed to ensure smooth running of your butchery. They include:

1. Refrigerator and freezers.

2. Meat slicer.

3. Butcher knives and their sharpeners such as files.


5. Counters.

6. Protective clothing, gloves and guard.

7. Source of clean water.



In summary, butchery business is the best as it brings more advantages to both an individual and society. Also, to earn more profits continue investing more money in it.

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